Chapter 35

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*Jiya Pov*

"Jiya! Sit beside me." Someone said.

"No! Sit beside me." Someone else said.

"Actually, I will sit here." I said, sitting beside Ajay, who is sitting at the end seat.

They all nodded and settled themselves while Lily sat beside me. I gave her a slight smile and leaned on Ajay.

"Why didn't you sit with them? I really thought you would." Ajay mumbled in my ear.

"Well, just because I am talking to them nicely doesn't mean I want to form the perfect bond with them. I am just being nice to them and want to stay as colleagues only." I mumbled back.

"But you used to generally make friends with everyone you meet." He said and held my hand.

"I know and it will take some more time." I mumbled, and he nodded but hasn't left my hand.

"All guys go and bring something for us." Someone commented from the batch.

When Ajay too left, Lily called for me. I turned frowning and asked, "What is it?"

"Look, don't be so close to him. He is not yours." She replied.

"What?" I asked her frowning.

"I saw how you are falling on him. Just don't do that." She replied and turned away to talk with someone else.

I frowned and just stared at the ads on the screen. They all returned and passed the snacks for us.

"You like ice cream right?" he asked and gave one to me.

"Thanks!" I replied, but still continued to frown.

"Ms.Lily! Here is your soft drink." He said smiling at Lily.

"Thank you, Sir." She said, and he nodded.

After the lights were switched off, he tugged me. I turned to see him pulling me towards him.

"What happened?" He asked.

"Nothing!" I replied, but he didn't leave my hand.

"Just thinking about the movie." I added.

"Ok! By the way, they all love you." He mumbled smiling.

"It will take time, Ajay." I mumbled back.

"With me?" he asked, holding my hand tightly.

"I don't know! But I feel normal. What else can you do, right?" I asked him, frowning and he immediately started leaving my hand.

"No, no! I am not saying it like that. What am I saying is, I don't think you will do any worse to me. You really regret it so that's all." I said, but he just nodded and continued to watch the movie.

"I know I said something wrong back there, but I didn't mean to." I mumbled when we walked inside the house.

"No! I just... I just wish I didn't do anything at all." He mumbled and walked inside.

"Ajay!" I said, stopping him and sighed, looking at his fallen face.

"Look, I am not saying that you are perfect because you are not, and even I am not perfect. How dare I attempt to take my life away or even self harm myself? I am feeling sick thinking about it, but I can't undo it and now I am going to respect my life. And it was possible because of you. So stop giving yourself a little credit. You made mistakes, but you even removed some scars on me." I said and he just stared at me.

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