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Here we are again,
At 1 am
When will this cycle end?

You come in unrecognized,
It's been over a year
Now you appear?

A great mountain I'm journeying over
The peak I reached, admiring this new view

Now here we are
Once again, at 1am

The wind begins,
It's becoming harder to move on,
Footsteps getting heavier, baggage weighing on my shoulder
In the accumulating mist I see the bottom of the mountain.
I swear, I'm almost there

Finally detected,
Months after being rejected,
Almost forgot all about you,
Conscious pushed you to the edge
Quickly, you bounced right back into the den.

When will this cycle end?

Excitement, confusion filled my blank muse,
Beginning of this dark walk was all because of you,
This journey was hard enough now your presence is here- out of the blue,

Now at 1am you reappear
I sit here with confusion and a year worth of tears.

Standing idle on this mountain,
This journey comes to a halt

Here we are at 1am,
With this cycle that seems to never end.

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