Chapter 8

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“Who are you? Harry whispered in wonder as, without realising, his fingers reached to touch the girl’s face, but he stopped himself just because his skin made contact with hers…

The old vampire had laid the girl’s unconscious body on the grassless ground at the top of the rocky cliff… He had just delivered the King’s orders of executing the whole of the Redfern family to Lord Marcus. Harry was planning on taking a little detour from his trip back to the palace when he heard the scream…

Harry didn’t know what came over him after that, it was like a magnetic force of energy had suddenly taken a hold upon him and something made the vampire run like a mad man towards the cliffs. And that energy had somehow enhanced Harry’s speed; because even though Harry was a vampire and possessed an extraordinary gift of speed. There was no way that he could have made it to the cliffs before the girl collided with the rocky ground at the bottom of the cliff…

There was no way to describe it, the moment that the sound had echoed in Harry’s ear drums, it was like someone had pierced a knife through his heart, a lump formed in his throat. Before he knew it, he was running like his life depended on it; racing to save the girl’s life.

Harry had never felt something like that before, and he doubt he will feel something like that again.

The girl’s face was pale, but her heart was beating strongly; Harry could hear the bump sound of each beat loud and clear.

Luckily, Harry caught the girl before her human and very breakable body collided with the solid ground of the cliff bottom; just barely though.

Harry shivered as the thought of not catching the human girl before him in time. Just the mental image of her body crashing head first onto the ground made him felt sick.

As he waited for the dark haired beauty to wake up from her unconscious state, Harry couldn’t help but find himself mesmerised by not only her beauty, but that gravity like aura she had around her. He couldn’t remember the last time that he had taken the time to really look at a woman’s features…

The girl before him was thin, but not model thin, she had a tiny bit of breasts, but not a lot. If you asked Harry, there were a lot of imperfection possessed by the girl in front of him; but that was what made her so interesting.

He enjoyed her flaws, her imperfections, because those little things made her human, they made her special and unique…

Harry was still sitting on the ground, inches from the girl, in a trance, observing the girl when the dark haired beauty grunted softly; her finger twitched a little as consciousness flowed back into her.

“Mmm,” she hummed as she slowly tried to push herself up with her elbows, but failing due to dizziness.

Immediately, Harry edged forward, gently secured an arm around her and pulled her onto his lap so she was leaning on his chest.

“Don’t try to move too fast,” he cooed. “You suffered no physical injuries, but you did lose your consciousness for a while due to the back flow of the blood to your brain.”

Evelyn looked around her wearily; her visions were still a bit blurred. “Am I in heaven?” She asked as she looked up at the handsome man who was cradling her.

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