Ch. 30 Engagement to the Test

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I was discharged the next afternoon. I didn't go home. I stayed and worked, because Jake had been working.

He was making time up for missing so much. It was something about the mission he was planning, some meeting he had to attend.

I worked with Dr. Cole and helped map out a plan for Peter. I changed IVs, started central lines, changed fluids, and worked on charts.

Around five that evening, someone cleared their throat.

I looked up.

Jake smiled, holding a garment bag and another bag.

I stood and wrapped my arms around his neck. I gave him a kiss. "Hi," I smiled.

"Hey. Dinner's at seven, so I brought you things you need to get ready," he smiled.

I looked at him.

He was wearing his navy pants and white button down. His hair was done. He looked good, like really good.

"Go change," he smiled, handing me my things. "I'll meet you in Dad's room."

"Thank you."

He gave me a kiss and walked off.

I went to the locker room and changed into the navy dress Jake brought and slipped on the taupe heels he brought me. I tied my hair back in a bun and did my makeup. Then, I put on the pearl jewelry Jake brought me.

I clocked out and went upstairs. I went to Peter's room and went in.

He smiled, "You look nice."

"Thanks," I smiled. "How are you feeling?"

"I'm okay," he smiled.

"Good," I smiled. "Well, as much as I like seeing your smiling face, I came to steal your son."

Peter's eyes widened as he dramatically smiled, "Take him. Please, take him."

I laughed and looked at Jake.

He pat his dad's leg and came over to me. "Let's go."

Hand in hand, we walked to the truck. We got in and drove off.

I gave Jake instructions on where to go, even though I wasn't really even sure myself.

When we pulled up to a gated and guarded estate, Jake glanced at me. "Bridget, did your family just own a lumber company?"

"I don't know," I slowly spoke.

Th guard came over. "Sir, can I help you?"

"We might be at the wrong address. Is this the home of Jackson and Lucille Malone?" Jake asked.

"Yes, it is. Would you happen to be James and Bridget?"

"Yes," Jake spoke, trying not to sound surprised or freaked out.

He went to his little guard hut and hit a button.

The gate opened.

"What the hell are we getting ourselves into?" he asked as we pulled into the gated area.

"You have a gate, too," I pointed out.

"Not for my house alone." As we pulled around to the arch of the driveway, he spoke, "Excuse me, but I don't have a mansion."

I looked up at the gigantic, white mansion. The yard was ridiculously large and the house was ridiculously big.

A man knocked on the window, making us both jump.

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