Chapter One: Hiding from reality, literally.

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If you haven't read TRUMP CARD | ATTACK ON TITAN  I fully suggest you do. This is the sequel, and if you haven't read the first book, I'm afraid it would be extremely confusing. It's all your choices though!

I was falling through an endless abyss. I may have already hit the ground, judging from corporal's guilty look and his bewildered eyes. I could hear three voices; Kazune, as he kept repeating "Save yourself," then Corporal's voice as he cursed at the wind for loosing the people he cared for most too many times. Then lastly, my conscience- my own voice. Wondering about every single question on planet titan-earth. Especially the question: "How many times have I killed myself lately?" 

I was staring at Rivaille. Surprisingly, he was still staring down at my limp, unmoving body meters away from reach. I sighed, you can't blame the guy, my reaction would be the same.

Earlier, it was a life and death situation. I didn't have any flashbacks, which made me feel more numb than I already was. Was I really that heartless? 

Today, in this world without titans, I fell from wall Maria and to the outer part of the walls. Nearby the entrances of where the expeditions from the real world would lead out from.

To fall from a 50 meter high wall, I was lucky. Although, I know I shouldn't exactly be living to tell the world. I may be a quarter-being: 1/4 of my body and mind wasn't human- which meant that I was bound to survive that fall.

But I was weak. Who knew a puny little human like that could manage to kick me off a cliff, like seriously! Man, humanity's greatest soldier may have been fast and strong, and attractive in some ways, (considering he's a prince in this messed up little world) yet I had made him seem worse than I was. Well, I was the one who sort-of forced myself off that wall.

I was crystallized, a fall like that should have already broken the crystal itself. If not a titan-formed crystal, a human-made antidote that was injected into me by Farlan.

Oh, Farlan was so naive! I had enough information from Annie and Kazune to know what happened. But, on the bright side, I found this place. Annie, she was somewhat kind. Maybe I didn't know her backstory, but whatever she did, she shouldn't have been crystallized. 

My mind was full of thoughts, the possibilities of saving human kind with this. Yeah, crystallize every human being in reality and they end up in this place. But what happens when the maker of these titans get hold of us. Whoever he is, he's bound to know something about crystallizing.

Which all draws down to one option- don't tell the public just yet. Once they find out -with the minds of smart people- including Armin who with just one look, realized I had a hearing aid- they can maybe get a cure for the cities in that hell-wall. Now, in order for all this to happen, I'd have to fall.

These were the things that ran through my head, instead of getting those cliche flashbacks and regrets. Tch.

Captain Levi wasn't there anymore when I peered up. "It should be happening anytime soon," I mutter. Well, I think I mutter, since I was already dead. Then, right on cue, a shiver shot right down my spine. My shoulder slumped down and my legs didn't feel like I was wearing extremely skinny jeans for hours anymore. My body seemed to...relax. 

I looked back up at the sky, then attempted to look at the forests clear of titans from the corner of my eyes. I inhale and breath out slowly as the world around me started to fade. I close my eyes-

then open them again.

The basement, it was the first thing that came to mind. My eyes darted around the room, nobody was here at the moment. I was standing in a clearly comfortable angle, with water puddled around my legs.

I was back in reality, with the regiment scouts, the underground creeps and the titans. Oh, and did I mention the amount of people that may be currently searching for me? Dead or alive, seriously.

I stepped out of that zone and backed up a little, imagining what I looked like in there. Probably a barbie doll that was put in the freezer too long or something. But what really caught my attention was the puddle of water.

It didn't shatter, it melted.

When I fell off that wall, it wasn't the impact of the ground that managed to break the glass seal. Any way you die in there, you come back to this world. 

Which meant- the second world without the titans was like a paradise. A place where they gave you a chance to finally live a normal life. But why?

I needed to talk to someone. Someone that was wise or old enough to help me out, and most definitely not in the survey corpse. Immediately, his face popped right into my head.

Pixis, Dot Pixis!

He trained me, he knows almost everything about me (expect for the recent events) so he has to be the one to go to.

I stared back at the crystal of Annie, "I'll come back for you, Annie. I promise,"

I took the fastest route out of here;  though the hole and onto the ladder. 

Soon, I was out on the streets again. I didn't have my usual cloak, which meant I had to mask myself again, with invisibility. 

Sure, it may have been tiring before, but right now? I felt powerful. Probably with this body resting and all when I was using the princess one. Just a girl of many hats, in which I haven't mastered any yet.

It was uncomfortable, and amusing when your invisible. First, you keep forgetting people can't see you. So saying stuff like, "Excuse me!" or "Could you please move?" Isn't going to do anything. Now the fun part of it is that nobody can see you. You could be doing anything, and all there is to it is a flying cup of tea spilling all of your head and you wouldn't even know what the hell was happening. Haha, beat that.

Soon I would be in the king's palace once again. My same old routine; get waken up by Nile, have a small chat with Hitch, dine with Balto aka: the wannabe king and finally, train with Pixis.

I knew I had to tell him everything from square one and onward -which I was right about- but it was worth it. I needed the advise I could get. In less than a week, I'd have my mission and be on the go.

Hoping, that Pixis still remembers me.  

This was more of like a throwback chapter, getting all the information through and from so the whole story would be more clear.

I'm dedicating to all who commented and voted on this and Book One :) 

Anyway, thank you so much for reading! 


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