Chapter 34

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*Ajay Mehra Pov*

"Are you ready?" She asked for the tenth time.

"Coming madam." I replied, walking outside the room.

"What is this Ajay? This is a very bad habit of yours. You never went this late when we are in Palghar." She said frowning.

"You don't have any problem in talking about the past?" I asked her surprised.

"What should I do? Shall I teleport myself back into the past and change it?" She asked, raising her eyebrow locking the house door.

"Well..." I trailed off.

"That's right! I can't do that, and I think if I talk it out like not giving much importance to it, then it will not matter anything to me." She said.

"So the past doesn't matter to you at all." I said driving us.

"No!" she said, and I tightened my grip.

But I was in the past too, Jiya. Don't I even matter to you at all? What are you thinking Ajay? This is all you want. She is forgetting her past and moving on.

I am glad, but I am not happy. If she completely moves on, then it will be my time to leave her.

"See how many messages I got from yesterday." She said opening her mobile.

"Well from two weeks you have been greeting the people in the office and everyone with your smile. Your smile has magic Jiya, and it does wonders and there is no surprise in it." I said stopping in front of the company.

"You really have a way with your words, but thank you." She said smiling and got outside.

Like every day I leaned back seeing her smile. Damn that smile is really contagious. I thought smiling at myself and got outside the car.

"Good morning, guys." She said smiling at them, and they smiled back making me frown.

Nonetheless, the problem is it is not contagious only to me. I huffed and walked away while she stood there and continued to chat with her new friends.

"I am really sorry about late coffee, Mr.Mehra. They all wanted to have a small chit chat before coffee."

"It's ok, Ms.Sarin." I said frowning and continued to do my work.

"What happened, Sir?" She asked sitting in front of me.

"Nothing!" I mumbled.

"Are you sure? Is there any problem in the company?" She asked, and I glanced up to see her frown.

"There is no problem." I replied.

"Ok!" She said smiling and walked outside.

And I sighed, leaning back. Ajay, you are the biggest idiot in the world. You should not make her worry for anything so pull yourself.

I took a deep breath and continued to carry out the work. During the lunch break, I walked outside to ask her to come with me for lunch outside.

But she was nowhere to be seen so I went inside the canteen to see her chatting with all the colleagues and looks like waiting for her lunch.

I walked back inside the cabin and sat on the couch. I leaned back and called Mom to talk to her.

"Ajay! How is, Jiya?" She asked lifting the phone.

"Mom! I am your son." I replied frowning.

"Yeah! I know you will be fine because you are with Jiya right, but I can't say the same for Jiya. Is she still fighting with you?" She asked worriedly.

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