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A Boy and His Father

Kael is playing with his car and then he sees his mother getting ready for something.

Pia [to Kael]:

Hey Kael, let's go out and jog together!


Mum, wait I have to get my stuff ready.


I'll wait for you, Kael.

Kael gets his lunchbox and stuffs it with crackers, meats and leftover pizza slices. Then he stuffs it in his bag and leaves it out on the counter while he goes to the bathroom to change his clothes. After that he gets his bag again and goes out with her.

While they were jogging, Kael spotted so many stray dogs. He saw a poor starving puppy and he got his lunchbox out, feeding it some crackers and meat. Then he closes his lunchbox in before his mother arrives.

Pia [gets Kael and spanks him]:

Kael! Bakit ka pinapakain sa mga askal!


Nanay, nagugutom yung tuta.


Ayoko ng mga asong kalye!


Kawawa yung tuta. Baka walang owner at tapos baka namamatay siya.


May rabies yun tuta!

They go on jogging though Kael will never forget the sight of the starving puppy. They would play swings together and when they got home, Pia ended up calling somebody on the phone while Kael goes back to playing with his toys.


Madam, magkano ba yung spitz?




Ang mahal ng aso pero si Kael mahilig sa pagkanin ng mga askal sa labas. Linalaroan siya din minsa-minsa.

The following day they get a spitz and Kael dutifully feeds it whenever it gets hungry as well as cleaning its mess. Kael still went out to feed the stray dogs and would clean their mess as well. Then he heard Pia's voice.



[Opens the door and finds him]


Then she sees him petting the askals.

Pia [grabs his hand]:

Go back inside! Somebody might kidnap you.

Kael [kicks her]:

So what's wrong?

Pia [slaps him on the face]:

What's wrong with you. You're always disobeying me! Why don't you go back inside?!


But they're hungry.


Even so. Leave them alone!

They go back inside and Pia sees that Kael is convulsing a lot.


Kael! What's happening to you?


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