Hot Guy Warning

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Levy P.O.V.

When I woke up, I felt something heavy on my stomach. I look down to see Pantherlily sleeping peacefully and I giggle. 'Pantherlily is a cuddly cat!' I smell something amazing, so I carefully push Pantherlily off and I walk out the door.

As I step past the threshold, the aroma is mouth watering and I know instantly where it's coming from. I walk into the kitchen and what I see makes my face resembled a tomato.

Gajeel is cooking and he doesn't have on a shirt!!! 'Oh my god!!! Where did he get those abbs?!?! Hot guy city?' I then told my mind to shut up and I sat down at the table. And at the table are all sorts of delicacies. Pancakes, orange juice, milk, kiwis, maple syrup, and all kinds of fruits.

"I didn't know you knew how to cook Gajeel. He jumped and turned around and there was a tainted pink across his cheeks. 'Oh my god! Is the famous cold iron slayer blushing?!?!'

I started to laugh and he huffed and turned around to flip whatever was sizzling in a pan. He got a plate out of one of the cabinets and put a plate of bacon in front of me!!! Yummy!!!

I get three plates, I hear Pantherlily come in, and set them on the table. I get my plate and put pancakes, orange juice, strawberries, melons, and blackberries on it with maple syrup drizzled lightly on the pancakes.

I turn and look at what everyone has on their plates and I start to laugh. Gajeel and Pantherlily are fighting over the last pancake, and Gajeel takes the last kiwi and Pantherlily instantly takes his paw off of the pancake.

Ok now I know that all guys are immature. I clear my throat and they jump and face me. They stop their bickering and we eat in silence.

When I finish with my breakfast, I tell Gajeel it was amazing and go to the sink to wash my plate. Gajeel comes over with his and Pantherlilys empty plates. I wash and he dries.

When we finished, I asked him if I could change into some other clothes (I keep an extra pair in my bag) and he points me to the bathroom.

I came out in a orange shirt and black shorts that comes to the middle of my thighs. I have a black head and black combat boots that gives me a bad girl look.

I look at Gajeel. He is blushing and his eyes look like they're gonna pop out of his eye sockets. Then his whole face turn red. 'What is happening to Gajeel. I never seen him blush this much. I must look good.' I must know what is wrong. "Gajeel are you ok? Your face is red. Are you running a fever?" I put my hand on his forehead and it feels like it's burning. I started to play with his hair.

Gajeel closed his eyes and had a small smile on his face. "That feels good Shrimp. Keep on doing it." Oh my gosh!!! Did I just hear him right? Did the cold iron dragon slayer just compliment me and ask me to keep on playing with his hair?!?!

Then in came Pantherlily. With us in this position, me rubbing Gajeels hair and him loving it, not to mention how close we are to each other, I can imagine what's going on through that Exceeds little head.

A second later, Pantherlily had a knowing expression on his face. I start to blush and let go of Gajeel's hair, then step back. Gajeel opens his eyes and starts to blush too.

Pantherlily whispers something in Gajeel's ear and he blushes harder. Then Gajeel does something that I didn't expect him to do, but made my heart flutter. He kissed me. Gajeel is kissing me!!!

Gajeel P.O.V.

When Shrimp put one of her hand on my forehead and the other on my hair, it felt amazing that I couldn't help the next words that escaped. "That feels good Shrimp. Keep on doing it." I didn't care though. All I could do was enjoy the feeling of Shrimps cool hand on my hot forehead.

I didn't even notice Pantherlily enter the room until Shrimp backed away. And I'm happy she did. I'm certain that if she didn't, then I would have kissed her.

When I open my eyes, Shrimp is looking at the doorway and I can see Pantherlily out of the corner of my eye. I couldn't help it when I start to blush.

Pantherlily comes over here to me so he can whisper something in my ear. When I hear what he says, I start to blush all over again. "Gajeel, what we're you and Levy doing? It looked like you were about to kiss and when she stepped back you looked so lost. You loooooove her."

I'm my god, I can't believe that Pantherlily is starting to copy that flame brains cat. Then I turn to Shrimp. She is still blushing and because I love her, she is all I saw.

I don't know what possessed me to do what I did but she was looking so beautiful and I couldn't help it. I kissed Shrimp. I kissed Shrimp. And it was really amazing.

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