Chapter 4 - Summers End

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“Shut up, it’s not my fault I don’t do bikes,” I said.

“Let’s go my parents have been wanting to meet you,” he said pushing off and started peddling towards his house.

The fresh sea breeze washed past us as we rode, the wind blowing through my hair back probably into Matt’s face but that’s what happens to you when you annoy me. I closed my eyes letting the wind take away all my thoughts and worries about meeting his family.

“Whoa,” my eyes flew open as the bike came to an immediate stop.

“Hey Matt what’s up haven’t seen you for a couple of days,” a tall dark hair guy asked.

“Well you could say I’ve been a bit side tracked,” Matt said nodding his head towards me.

“Hey, I’m Mark,” he held out his hand for me to shake.

“I’m Bell,” I said shaking his hand he was a big build way bigger than Matt.

“She’s cute,” Mark said to Matt making me blush.

“Yeah thanks,” Matt replied.

“So where are you guys off to?” Mark questioned.

“We’re having dinner with my family tonight,” Matt told him.

“Oh yeah, what’s Jen cooking?” Mark asked eagerly.

“I think she’s cooking her famous fish and chips,” Matt told Mark and I.

“I love that can I come over please,” he begged I thought he was about to go on his knees.

“No, tonight just Bell can come over anyway you’ll eat it all,” he joked around.

“True that, Bell it is so good so make sure you get some before this fatso over here can smell it,” he said punching Matt in the arm.

“Come on now that’s twice today,” he whined.

“Oh tuff in’ up butter cup,” Mark continued.

“Hahahaa, come on Bell let’s get going,” Matt turned to his bike and sat on the seat.

“Well it was nice to meet you Bell, I’ll probably see you around soon,” Mark waved goodbye and turned his back.

“Hey Mark,” Matt called.

“Yeah mate,” Mark turned around to Matt.

“Do you mind helping Bell onto the bike?” he asked. I couldn’t believe he wanted one of his friends to help me onto his bike I mean can do it myself.

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