Right Desire And Princeton AKA Jacob Are Twin Brothers & Sisters Their Mom Is Beyonce And Their Dad Is Will Smith But They Don't See Him , Beys Husband Is Jay-z And They Have a Child Together Called Blue Ivy Knowles && That Is Jacob And Desires Baby Sister ! Desire And Chresanto AKA Roc Royal Have Been Dating Since They Were 12 , They Were On and Off, But Now That Their 16 They Have Grown Up And Are Now On a Full Term Relationship. Jordyn Is Desires  Best Friend And Sister, Known Eachotther Since 1st Grade. Jordyn And Desire Are In a Duet Called Hiprockaz And Are Managed By Keisha And Walter Mindless Behaviors Managers.Mb And Hiprockaz Go On Tour Together And Live In The Same House With Keisha And Walter. They Go To Fullhurst High School, Live In The State Of LA. Jacob AKA Princeton Has a Crush On Jordyn But Jordyn Doesn't Know. Morgane Is A Girl From School Who Loves Roc. Rayan AKA Ray Ray Is Dating Zonnique ( she jsut an ordinary girl she isn't from the OMG Girlz) Craig Is Single. And Thats That :D Enjoy The Rest Of The Book ::D