Chapter 1

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Chapter 1

WHAT IS THAT NOISE?! It took me a while to realize that annoying buzzing was coming from my alarm clock, ahh MAN! I don't want to wake up and go to school! School and I have a love hate relationship, I always got good grades but I wasn't exactly what you'd ideal student. I flung my fist out and hit the alarm clock, it beeped once more and stopped; I opened one eye to look at the EVIL thing, whoops, and looks like I have to buy a new one again! I smiled at what I'd achieved; I'd slayed the evil beast of sleep deprivement! I got cozy again and drifted off to sleep, but five minutes didn't go by and I could hear someone screaming my name at the top of their lungs.

"ZEEEEEE!" I ignored him at first but the voice came closer and got angrier "ZIA DARCY DRACUL!" Damn he said my full name; he must have been trying to wake me up for a few hours! "If you do not wake up this second so help me god, I will pour ice cold water on you!" this time the voice was in my room, the owner of the voice, dragged my duvet of me.

"AHHH!" I screamed "Caleb! YOU ASS!" I screeched at my, older, brother.

"Get up you're going to be late to school and if your late for your first day Dan will go CRAZY on your ASS!" he had a point there.

"But Kaaaay!" I whined, "I don't wanna go to school!"

"Too bad, ZEEE!" he mimicked me, which pissed me off, because I SO do not sound like that!

"Caleb Seth Dracul, don't you dare mimic me if you're not going to do it properly!"

"Then get your lazy butt UP!"

"FINE!" I jumped out of my cozy, four post, king size bed "HAPPY?" I said as I walked past him "dip shit!" I mumbled under my breath but unfortunately he heard me, having a brother with super hearing can suck!

"What did you say?!" I ran as fast as I could into my bathroom and locked the door, that wasn't really going to hold him but I knew he wouldn't barge in because he had just got me to do exactly what he wanted, DAMN! Since I was in the bathroom and there was no way I was getting back to sleep anytime soon I decided to get ready. I stripped off all of my cloths and jumped into my MASSIVE shower, I had my own bathroom, it was pretty much fit for a princess (and since I am daddy's little princess, why not?), everything in the bathroom was white. There was a massive tub in the middle, a toilet, a basin and a mirror that covered one entire wall.

After my relaxing shower, I wrapped myself in my black towel and went to brush my teeth and then get ready for the first day of my last year in high school! As you might have realised, both my brother and I have weirdly LONG and weird names (blame my mum!), my first name is Zia, it means LIGHT, SPLENDOR and grain...Yeah I know the last one isn't great, my second names is Darcy it means dark and my surname is Dracul, which also has a meaning, it means Devil or can also mean dragon (weird I know!), but everyone calls me Zee. My brother also has a weirdly LONG name, his first name is Caleb, it means "one who dazzles" (hehehe) his second name is Seth which is the name of an ancient, evil God of chaos and his last name is also Dracul, like me! I call him 'k' because I can't be asked to pronounce his FULL name.

Another thing about us is that we're not really human, we are witches because of our mother, who unfortunately died a few years ago, nobody tells me how though! I am 17 years old (going on 18!), I'm in 12th grade. My brother is 19 and he is in college, but lucky bastard doesn't start until tomorrow!

I walked into my dark, greyish-green room and went over to my walk in closet, hmm what to wear? I tapped my chin and thought then finally decided on a pair of black skinny jeans, my favourite black converse, a black 'bring me the horizon' t-shirt and to finish it off a black hoodie, I know what you're thinking, whoa emo! but let me clear that up right away, I am not emo or Goth or even punk, I mean sure I LOVE black, sure I listen to rock and sure I have my emo MOMENTS but I am not an emo or a Goth or any of that crap! I am just ME! I blow dried my jet, black hair, which had a white strip that went through my fringe (Dracula style!), that covered my sparkly, midnight blue eyes, weird things is I was actually born with that, the white strip, my brother and I both had it, my brother and I always get mistaken as twins. We have the same jet black hair, mine reached half way down my back where my brothers, although still long, went past his ears and covered his, sparkly, midnight blue eyes, just like mine, the white strip was in the same place on both of us (weirdly). Both of us were abnormally pale but he is WAY taller than I am. We also dressed similar which didn't help much.