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I examined each one of them carefully, but my eyes lingered on one girl out of the rest. Her stony, blue-gray eyes were fixated on me and just from her stare, I could tell that she was my type. I could see so much in those eyes. She was feisty, a girl with an attitude and not just some ditsy broad. I liked that. I liked my girls to be worth a hassle and I loved when they played hard to get. This one, definitely didn't look easy but I was willing to go out of my way to get with her. As if those eyes didn't draw me in enough, the way her unbuttoned gray, Henley shirt set low around her breasts exposing a nice amount of cleavage almost made my mouth water. I bit my lower lip a bit harshly to contain the dirty thoughts that were going through my mind. I decided to shoot a wink at her. In response, she flipped her hair and looked towards the lake as if she didn't even notice. Cute.

"Girls, this is Channing Blackwood. Our tenth addition," Constance announced as she held the platter of cookies in her hands.

The girls let out a bunch of playful ooh's and aah's. I could tell neither of them were really the serious type. They were all way too giggly. The way they sat so close to each other and constantly whispered in each other's ears, I could tell they were a tight knit group as well. They were as thick as thieves. There was no way I could get with all of them so I might as well cut that out. I was pretty sure half of them were straighter than an arrow anyways. It's not like I haven't changed girls' sexualities before, but neither of the girls were worth a hassle. My main focus was on only one girl in the group and she was currently still looking towards the lake as if it was the most interesting thing ever.

"Well, is this our first male," one of the girls asked a bit jokingly, but also in a very seductive voice. I rose my brows at her as she smirked at me flirtatiously. She twirled a finger through her blonde hair as her eyes stayed focused on me.

"Gemma, stop being such a whore," one of the girls spat at her as she adjusted her glasses. The brunette gave the blonde a disconcerting glare but looked towards me. "Plus, she's not a guy, idiot!"

"I can be anything you want me to be," I told them all as a playful simper stretched across my features.

Constance sighed uncomfortably as if she couldn't take all of the hormones that were currently in the air. She set down the tray of cookies on the ground before the girls. "Channing, why don't you sit and get to know the girls? While you guys get acquainted, I'll go prepare dinner."

"Should I help," a voice suddenly rose to ask. I looked towards the flat, but oh so sweet, slightly raspy voice and smiled a little when I saw who it was. The girl finally stopped looking towards the lake and stared at Constance with questioning eyes. It seemed that she really wanted to help out in the kitchen, but Constance declined her offer.

"Not tonight, Blair." Blair, huh? Sexy. "You guys show Channing around and get to know her a bit." Constance gave all of us a polite smile before nodding her head respectfully and walking back towards the house.

The girls started grabbing cookies and I exhaled as I sat a bit outside of the circle. They were sitting so closely that I couldn't squeeze anywhere. "Hey! You don't have to sit so far away! We'll make room," a blonde with an English accent said as she scooted over. The girls expanded the circle to reveal a place for me to sit. It was right in between the English blonde and Blair. I licked my lips and moved to sit between the two. Blair shifted uncomfortably and I chuckled a bit lightly with amusement.

"Wait! You f-cking legend! You're the 'f-ck her right in the p-ssy with a strap on' girl," a girl with short brunette locks yelled. She had on a backwards cap and a flannel shirt over a band t-shirt. Hipster lesbian. "Dude, that was legendary! We all watched that video over and over again! It was perfectly timed! Wait, is that why you're here!?" She laughed at the thought of me being at this establishment for something so petty, but if she only knew all the sh-t that I have done.

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