Interview & A Bit Of Karma

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So sorry for not updating, because honestly I had lost a bit of motivation & writers block but today I was feeling inspired so I wrote two chapters. I will post the other chapter tomorrow. Thanks for still reading :-)

Dedicating this to AdriannaSaavedra and everyone else whom commented <3


Cristiano's POV

I was standing back stage with Mark prepping for an interview with a local talk show in Barcelona on the upcoming match with Barcelona's futbol team.

"Mark, you gave them the right info on my stats, right?" I asked. I don't want them to be putting out lies about my awards and my record breaking stats. I worked hard for everything I have and I will make sure that it will be right.

"Yes, I did," he said staring at his phone.

"Great. What going on? You have been on the phone all day," I said to him.

"I got a big endorsement deal set up for you. I am just waiting for them to call to finalize their plans and the contract so I can discuss it with you," has replied.

"Oh good," I smiled. More money, more work.

I though about Amber while waiting for the show to began. I am so glad that Amber took the initiative to come find me and make things better. I know I sound like a bitch but after all that has happened I just need more reassurances from her. I mean, I do everything for her, and only thing I got back from her was infidelity. It makes me feel like she doesn't care for me but what I can do for her. All I asked was for her to not be so buddy buddy with Gareth and ten she goes and kiss him making me like a fool to the entire world. It's not okay.

Then there is the whole Hugo thing. Like really? Shit like that only happens in books and movies but with my luck it had to happen to me. If Hugo weren't hurt I would kill him myself. Damn, how stupid can he be?

"Cristiano your up," someone said.

I moved the mic on my shirt to my collar so it wouldn't look so awkward on me. I heard to talk show host call my name. I put a smile on for the cameras and walked on to the stage. I waved at the crowd of people cheering for me, then I shook hands with the host. I forgot his name but oh well.

"Nice to finally meet you Cristiano. It's a pleasure to have you on the show," he said.

"Thank you, it's a pleasure to be here," I responded smiling.

"So, how have you been? Like with your person life," he asked smiling. Everyone got quiet waiting for my response.

"Pretty well," I said.

"Yeah but what is going on with the Amber and Gareth thing. Gareth issued a public statement apologizing and we have yet to hear anything from you. How is your marriage?" he pressed.

"Look, I told you guys not to ask that question when I gave my list of demands but whatever. Honest I haven't received a personal apology from Gareth and the public apology doesn't mean shit to me because he tried to ruin my marriage. So, fuck him. My marriage is none your damn business. What goes on between my wife and I is between me and my wife, so stay out of it. I came here to talk about the match coming up but I see that is not going to happen," I said angrily. I got up and walked out of the studio with Mark in tow.

I need to clear my head and prepare for the match. I don't have time for this stupid shit.


Amber's POV

I was at the doctors for a regular check up and oddly enough Danielle was here with me. Over the past couple of weeks we have actually gotten closer and it was surprising since I wanted her to leave so bad. I guess its time to move on because the longer I hold on to these feelings I will never be able to go on with my life.

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