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The Seven Deadly Simpson Brothers

Chapter 32 ~ Rivalry


I took a deep breath and tied my apron tighter round my waist, then I stepped out. Luckily, another waiter and I were serving today, so I'd have a chance to avoid the Santaricos. His name badge said Tom. A nice and easy name to remember, and he was a decent person unlike Tiffany who was always at the till and occasionally making coffee for customers behind the counter. Today she was wearing a shirt that strained at the front buttons due to the way she was pushing her boobs out. She had her eyes on the Simpsons, but I was going to make sure she didn't get anywhere near close.

I walked out towards the Simpsons waiting for them to call for assistance.

"Excuse me? Waitress?" Landon grinned, snapping his fingers and teasing me.

"Yes?" I walked over to their table. "How can I help?"

Walter smiled at me as the sun poured in from the window making the brown in his hazel eyes look like liquid gold.

"Hey," Phoenix pulled the hem of my apron. He had his back to the sun and was barely glancing at me.

I refrained from answering 'what' and answered politely with 'yes' instead.

He discreetly took my hand and slipped some pills into it. Drugs.

"Can you get that to Pedro, or anyone of them will do." He said in a low voice, running a hand down his stubble.

Before I could object and throw the damn things back at him, Walter interjected.

"Hell no, you cun-"

Landon covered Walters mouth with his hand and gave Phoenix a look. I forced the drugs back into his hand.

"Do you know how long she can go down for that?" He hissed. "Leave her out of it."

Walter pulled off Landon's hand, "If you really want to risk that, then do out yourself basta-"

Eli sighed loudly cutting off Walters cuss. "Can I have a drink?"

"What kind?" I asked, glad he had changed the topic.

"Do you sell beer?"

"Yes," I replied hesitantly. Eli shouldn't really be drinking.

"I'll have one of those then."

"Can I have some water?" Walter asked still scowling at Phoenix.

"Of course," I blew him a kiss. Eli rolled his eyes and looked out of the window.

"That will be four fifty." I said, and Eli fished out five.

As I walked to behind the till to fill some glasses, I snuck a glance at the other gang. Pedro, with his pockmarked face was looking right at me, a viscous smile on his face. I shuddered and looked away.

I put the pint of beer and glass of water on the table as well as Elis change. Eli grinned and took the beer and Landon patted him on the shoulder hard and energetically. Even Walter was looking excited as he gulped down the water. He had taken off the plasters on his hands even though his knuckles hadn't healed yet.

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