Part 4

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(McGee's POV)

As soon as Tony parked the car Jimmy and I sprinted to the hospital and Jimmy ran up to the front desk but I stopped him quickly "Hold on Jimmy" I pant whilst grabbing his shoulder "I got to text Abby and she said she'll tell then room and floor" Jimmy just nodded and took a deep breath, I took out my phone and text Gibbs as I knew she would be answering.


T: Hey Abb's were here what room and floor?

A: Ok Tim we are on floor 4 and in room 124

T: Thanks, we will be there very soon ;)

"Floor four room 124 they are in come on guys" I said running up to the elevator and pressing the up button repeatedly, "McGee chill out she's fine" Tony said trying to calm me down but it didn't work. I spun around to face him and got serious "But what if she's not what if she really hurt she been gone for almost 9 months tell me how you know she's fine?" I say now getting more stressed "My gut" he replied quickly. Suddenly, the elevator doors opened and we all rushed in and Ducky pressed floor 4, as the door closed I started to become distant and started putting the puzzle together.

9 months ago, Abby and I slept together 2 weeks later she ran away and now... now she's in hospital could she been... but before I could finish the puzzle Ducky snapped me out of my day dream "Come on Timothy, don't you want to see Abby?" he questioned me walking out of the elevator "Of course" I said sternly. We found the room easily as Ellie was standing outside the door "Hey Bish" Tony said walking towards her "Oh God Tony you scared me" she said putting her phone in her pocket, "Um Abby wants two to go in first and she has picked Tony and Ducky so could you two go in there please enter" Ellie said opening the door for them. "Thank you, Eleanor," Ducky said walking in "Cheers Bish" Tony said directly after.

As soon as the boor closed Ellie's head snapped back to me and Jimmy "Right you don't need to be a genesis to see this is the maternity ward so I bet you guessed by now... well was pregnant and I know you two are close to her but please don't take anything out on her for not telling you because she only told Gibbs her father figure and Vance because otherwise he would fire her" Jimmy and I looked at each other then back at Ellie "Oh well I'm guessing you didn't quiet put two and two together but now that I have for you please just keep calm with Abby in there" she added.

We waited for about 10 more minutes in complete silence until Gibbs popped his head out of the door and signalled for us to go in, I walked in and saw Abby laying on the bed in a hospital gown with no make-up on and looking exhausted while Ducky was with Tony by the window bobbing up and down so I'm guessing they had the baby.

Jimmy ran over to Abby and hugged her and had a little chat with her but I just stood there to be honest I had frozen and I couldn't do anything until I heard Abby, "Hello Timmy, Long time no see" she giggled I walked over to the bed and sat down on it facing her and hugged her. whilst hugging her I whispered in her ear "I've missed you Abb's" I could feel her smile on my shoulder and she whispered back "I've missed you more" she then pulled away and grabbed both my hands, I looked at our hands they fit together perfectly "Tim I have someone I want you to meet" Abby said unlocking one of our hands and pulling my head up by rising my chin.

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