Chapter 10

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Two things before you read the chapter:

1. I warned you guys about Narry in the description, so please don't tell me not to put it into the story, alright?

2. This chapter isn't edited because of personal reasons. I'm not sure whether Lacy want me to get into detail about it or not, so that's all I'm going to say. Sorry for any mistakes :/



It turned out it was easier said than done to get Louis home. He was drunker than what he seemed to be. He couldn't even walk straight with my help. The only thing he kept doing was whine about how his head was starting to spin and how he wanted to say goodbye to all his friends before he went home.

After a lot of convincing, I finally managed to get him to shut up and go to the hall to get ready to go home while I made my way to the kitchen to give Liam and Ed their drinks and say goodbye to them. It turned out the two guys had gotten company by other people. They were still sitting around the kitchen table, but now a few other guys from our school were sitting with them.

When they saw me, Liam got up from his seat to walk over and hug me while Ed just smiled wide. With the drinks still clutched in my hands, it was quite hard to reciprocate the hug, but I managed to at least get my forearms around his muscular body. He asked me what took so long, to which I replied with a simple 'too many people, couldn't get through the massive crowd', and since he was drunk, he didn't ask further about it.

I then told the two boys I was going home and that they would have to cope the rest of the night without me. Liam was sad at first but gave in just a minute later when I said my mum was starting to get worried about me. Which was a lie, but he didn't need to know that.

Once I finally got to the hall, Louis was leaning against the front door, his arm over his face as he groaned. "Harry, is that you?" he grumbled when I grabbed a hold of his free hand, pulling him out of the door.

"Yes, and we're going home right now before you get even worse," I muttered, dropping his hand to wrap my arm around his waist so he could support his body on mine. He leaned his entire body weight on me immediately, causing me to almost fall in the process, but I luckily managed to stay with my feet on the ground.

He tucked his face in the crook of my neck as he wrapped an arm around my shoulders, his hand squeezing my bicep. It was then I noticed that he was past the irritable stage of his drunkenness. This was a softer side of Louis that I hadn't seen in years, and to be honest, I was quite scared of what would happen next.

However, we started walking home in silence like that, until he decided to break it when we were halfway there. He was now looking at the side of my face as we stumbled along the street walk. "You're quite beautiful, you know that?" he giggled, smiling up at me.

My heart fluttered in my chest at his words, and I had to swallow at least three times to be able to answer him. But I wasn't dumb, I knew he had no idea what he was talking about. He was drunk, meaning that he wasn't in his right mind. What he said right now wouldn't mean anything when he woke up tomorrow morning. "Louis, you're drunk. Stop talking bullshit. Besides, you hate me. There's no way you can find me beautiful," I said, rolling my eyes even though my heart was beating at an incredible speed in my chest.

He shrugged, giving me another toothy grin before laying his head on my shoulder. "Doesn't really matter, though, does it? I can still find you beautiful."

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