Flash - Night Drive

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Flash - Night Drive

Sunset, the final masterpiece, the last moment of glory before the death of the day. Then the gloaming comes, the darkening of the shadows as the night grows. It is a different world once the night has taken hold. It is a world of spirit and dreams, where the physical world is no longer predictable. Thoughts drift and hearts race when traveling through a night-scape of shadows and dreams.

The radio drones, rhythmic and hypnotic as I drive on, safe in a tin dome. Thousands of winking, glowing eyes gaze down from their lofty perch in the dark of the night sky. The mistress of the skies, the sentinel of the night, seems to follow and watch over me. Her pale light illuminates the land, revealing shadows and ominous hints of what lies beyond the safety of my headlights. The gauges and dials on the dash glow an unchanging green,.

The lines and texture of the road vary slightly from time to time but always seem to change back to dashed yellow and solid white on an asphalt ribbon. Signs and trees loom up in the corner of my eye and then pass out of the light, no longer existent. Once again, all is as it was.

Nothing really changes. Double orbs of light shine in the distance and then reach me, blinding me. Then, they pass on, like ghostly entities fleeing whatever it is that I continue to propel towards. They too vanish from sight and are gone. I am in an unchanging realm of night, perhaps not moving forward at all, but trapped in an circle of light and apparent motion. A mouse on a wheel, forever running and never going anywhere.

That doesn't concern me. I am safe in my dome of light and green glowing gauges. I am absorbed in the rhythm of the night, the thump, thump of techno music, the dashed lines spinning through my headlights and into my head.

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