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                It was late at night, almost seven thirty. I was preparing dinner for my husband, Leo, when I realized I had forgotten to pick up the ingredients for my homemade garlic bread. I was making penne noodles with Alfredo sauce; a white wine meal. I headed to the supermarket to fetch the last ingredients.

                As I was loading my groceries into the trunk of my car, I began thinking of the man I had met in the aisle of the supermarket. He was very kind and we had a detailed conversation about the art of Italian cooking. I’m a chef for a very prestigious restaurant in the city. Italian is my favorite food to cook. I love the feel of smashing the tomatoes to make the sauce and I love making the noodles from scratch. Coincidentally, Italian was that man’s favorite food also. The man had a very smooth voice which seemed to entice a sense of calm when he spoke to me.

                I forgot about that man and began to concentrate on loading the bags of groceries into my car. I needed to hurry if I was to get back in time to save the noodles I had left on the stove to cook. I left a note for Leo to let him know I was only popping out for a quick run to the supermarket. If he was home before me, he must take the noodles off the stove. It was highly unlikely that he would beat me home. Leo didn’t get home until nine on Fridays. He worked as a criminal prosecutor at a law firm in the city, on Fridays he stays late to sort through the week’s happenings. My restaurant closes at six on Fridays, so I normally make a special dinner for us on Fridays.

                I began to hum the tune to one of my favorite songs. It was a song from one of the Disney movies, but I loved it. I love the upbeat rhythm of the Disney songs. Aladdin is my favorite. I started singing along to it. There was no music, but everyone sings fantasticly when their alone.

                I had just begun the second verse when I heard footsteps behind me. I stopped singing and spun around, but no one was there. This seemed to happen often. My mind liked to play tricks on me and make me think I heard something. I normally just shrug it off, this time was no different. I went back to singing my song. I loaded the final bag into my trunk and closed the door. I walked the cart over to one of the ‘Cart Corrals’ and I grabbed my keys from my purse. I started walking over to my car with a little dancing to the music. When I had reached my favorite verse in the song, I smiled. Since there were little to no cars in the lot, I sang it on the top of my lungs.

                I finished the song with a bang and, while smiling fiercely, I clapped for myself. I could have sworn I heard someone else clapping with me; it was probably just my imagination. Suddenly, I dropped my keys as a towel was shoved onto my face from behind. I started freaking out. What was happening to me? I nearly melted with fear when I heard that silly, silky smooth voice of the kind man from the supermarket.

                “Robyn,” How did he know my name? I never told him my name! “I love that song too.”

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