i grabbed my gun and ezra and i walked inside the small house in the middle of a fucking field.

i went to walk into a room, "sam stop." ezra whispered.

i turned and looked at him.


"i'm not letting you go first. if you get hurt i wouldn't be able to forgive myself." he said and put me behind him.

i smiled, "thanks."

he nodded and took my hand in his warm one.

we walked slowly and he gently opened the door.

"oh my god." he said.

"what? what is it?" i said, worried.

he pushed the door open farther and i looked in and put my hand over my mouth.

i ran in, "oh my god. selena! selena wake up baby! come on!" i shook my wife and she groaned.

"sam?" she whispered when her eyes opened.

i smiled, "you're okay babe. i'm here." i started untying her and she cried, "taylor..."

i looked at her, "what? what happened to-"

"no no no. taylor! taylor wake up!" ezra shouted.

i stood up and ran over to my mom.

"MOM! MOM! MOM WAKE UP!" i screamed.

i shook her but she wouldn't open her eyes.

there was blood practically coating her.

"SAM TURN AROUND!" selena yelled.

i turned around and terry hit me in the head with a wooden chair, breaking it.

i fell to the ground, "SAM!" selena yelled.

i held my bleeding forehead and stood up.

"YOU SAID YOU CHANGED! I TRUSTED YOU!" i screamed, completely pissed off.

she smirked, "us davis' really know how to lie now. it's in our blood." she said, wiping the blood off my head and rubbing it between her fingers.

"shut up terry. i can't believe i trusted you again. i hate you. i hate you!" i screamed.

she laughed, "and i care...why?"

she came closer to me, "sammy. you don't think i actually cared about you did you? don't you remember? you are worthless. you deserved everything that has happened to you...and your father was a waste of oxygen who deserved to die." she hissed.

i screamed and put my hands to her neck, running her across the room, slamming her back against the wall.

she coughed and gasped for air.

"FUCK YOU! FUCK YOU TERRY! I HATE YOU! I HATE YOU SO FUCKING MUCH!" i screamed, tears pouring down my face.

nothing can explain how betrayed i feel right now.

"you hurt my wife...my mother...she could be dead because of you! the only mother that deserves to die is you!" i said and pulled out my gun, placing it to her temple.

she looked at me and chuckled, "WHAT'S SO FUNNY?!"

"you can't...kill me." she whispered.

"yes i can. and i will." i said, putting my finger to the trigger.

"do it then..pull the trigger."

"SAM DO IT!" selena yelled.

my eye twitched.

i tried pulling the trigger but it's like my brain wouldn't let me.

i tried so hard.

i sighed and dropped the gun.

"i can't...you may be a fucking bitch that i hate but i can't! i can't kill my mother..." i said and sobbed.

"well...i can kill my daughter." she said and punched me in the stomach.

i groaned and held it.

she attacked me and i tried fighting her off.

she got me on the ground and punched my face.

i cried as she hit me.

my mind flashing back to when i was abused as a child.

i looked to my left and selena was crying, trying to get terry off me but terry elbowed her in the face.

she collapsed to the ground.

i got this urge of anger and power.

"don't...touch...my wife." i spit and head butted her in the face.

i shrieked and held my head and she stumbled back.

"nice hit. how's this." she picked up her bat and swung it but ezra grabbed it.

"stay the hell away from my daughter." he hissed and threw her against the wall.

she grunted as ezra hit her.

he pinned her against the wall and he looked at me, "what do you want me to do?" he asked.

i sighed and shrugged, "i...i don't know." i said.

"i do." selena said and i heard a bang.

she shot terry in the head and she slumped down, her eyes shut.

selena sighed and dropped the gun.

i ran over to her and she collapsed in my arms.

"thank you." i whispered and kissed her forehead.

"yeah. yeah sure." she said and fluttered her eyes, "no. no sel. i can't lose you. you stay awake do you hear me?"

i looked at ezra, "call 911." i said.

"already on it." he said and put his phone to his ear.

"sel. you listen to me. you keep your eyes open okay? our kids need you. they aren't growing up without you. i can't lose you. i can't do this on my own. selena please." i begged, tears filling my eyes.

"i love you sam...so much." she whispered before her eyes shut.

"NO! SELENA PLEASE!" i screamed.

ezra grabbed mom and i cried into my wife.

"taylor...sam i think...i think she-she's gone..." he whispered and placed her down.

i looked at mom sadly.

"mom no."

tears poured down and ezra too.

"i can't lose them both dad...i can't." i whispered and cried.

i did it again.

"i know. me either." he held me until the sirens came finally.

i cried into his chest and we went into the ambulance.

"please god don't take them." i whispered as ezra held me.


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