Eliza ~ Kissing & Dissing

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Dedicated to peachesrfuzzy my other half. Happy Birthday!

When I opened my eyes I felt a dull pain in my head. I looked around to see that I was in the nurse's office. How did I get here?

What happened? I stood and steadied myself then headed for the door. When I passed the nurse's desk she called out to me.

"Sweetie! Hold on a sec," she said. I turned around and approached her desk. Her desk was incredibly neat with not a thing out of place and the nurse had dark chocolate skin and glasses framing her kind looking face.

I've never been in the nurse's office before and It smelled like baby wipes and hand sanitizer.

"A young man...ugh Prince Carlos left a message for you, he said to stay here and he'll come get you and take you home," she said. A surge of memories hit me like a truck and I stepped back.

They were flowing into my head like a raging flood. I stumbled a bit then righted myself. Ashton! He attacked me in the hallway...he choked me... and I head budded him. I reached up and felt the large bandaid on my forehead.

Oh my god! And then...Prince Carlos he showed up...what did he do? He carried me and- Oh my fucking gosh. Prince Carlos of the Falcons, the very same when that kissed me then dissed me, is my partner!!

"Are you ok honey? Do you wanna take a seat?" she said standing.

"No thank you, I'm fine. He wants me to stay here? But I'm riding home with a friend and I don't know Prince Carlos," I said. Emphasizing his name with a hint of disgust.

I'm incredibly grateful that he saved me but I still resent him for dissing me that night and now he wants me to wait for him? Fat chance.

"Well, maybe you should just wait for him and discuss it when Prince Carlos gets back," she said unsurely. He must have used his influence on her to make sure I stayed.

Why would he want me to wait for him? Whatever I'm leaving maybe I can still catch Gianna.

" I would, but my brother is expecting me home right after school," I lied. She nodded and I turned for the door.

"And one more thing before you go," she said. I huffed and turned around.

" Prince Carlos looked very concerned when he came in with you passed out in his arms and he was very gentle when he set you down on the bed and watched you sleep. The principal almost had to drag him out to get him to go to class. He's a keeper I'm telling you," she said kind smile.

"Oh, he and I aren't-" I started.

"No, of course not my mistake," she said with a knowing smile. I was surprised. He watched me sleep? And carried me? And was gentle? After everything that happened I was too overwhelmed and I left with a small thank you.

The halls where filled with people and none of them I saw was Prince Carlos. The bandage on my forehead got a lot of glances in fact people were full on starring at me and whispering.

Ugh I guess word got around of what happened. I hurried out the front entrance and to the curb. My eyes scanned the parking lot. Gianna's car was gone.

The last thing I wanted to do was call Mason to come pick me up because once he see's the bandage on me he's gonna go on a rampage like a lunatic through the school, demanding answers. So I decided to take the bus.

There was a bus stop right in front of the school and I took a seat there. There were a few groups of chatty girls hanging around the bench but I ignored them, with my head bent down playing temple run on my phone.

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