Carlos~ Fear

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Hey guys before I begin this chapter I want to start off with a shout out to my bestie _miggit. Happy Birthday I will love you forever! So this next chapter is dedicated to you. Love, Madamtwerksalot


Carlos Pov

Right when I got on land I knew what I had to do first. I had to go get a beautiful ninja motorcycle. I figured I might miss my first class and Eliza would be pissed her partner was late.

More the reason to be late! I rid around the city for a bit, my golden skin turning heads and getting stares but I didn't give a shit. I was gonna take complete advantage of this new freedom.

This was not how I had planned on meeting Eliza again. Finding her crushed up against the lockers by that greasy haired fucker infuriated me.

I had first thought that they were making out, and felt irritated until I noticed her resistance and his roughness.

Fear. ' an unpleasant emotion caused by the belief that someone or something is dangerous, likely to cause fear or a threat'. I hadn't felt that kind of feeling in a long time. In fact after my mother left when I was young, I promised myself that fear and pain would be an emotion I'd never have to feel again.

And in order to not feel those things I couldn't allow myself to love anyone. Del and Tyler I tolerate because I've known them my whole lives. And my father is too callous and cold to love.

Shit. I'm not saying that I love her. I barely know her. Hell no. But when I saw the little human that I had in my arms only a week ago, struggling to breath and fighting like hell against a human twice her size, something awoke inside of me.

And I'm too terrified to find out what it was. And because he caused that fear inside me, I beat the hell out of him in self defense.

After she passed out in my arms I sprinted to the nurses office. I got a few concerned and shocked looks but I ignored them, laying her on the bed.
Apparently the staff were informed of my presence at Jackson high and when I told them who I was they cleaned her up without a question. I stopped them from calling her guardian and told them I was her ride home.

I pulled up a chair next to the bed and just starred at her thinking about how fiercely she fought for herself. Just how she did when I met her. She was a fighter, stronger than anyone

I've met even my mother who was too weak to stay with her family, too weak to stay with me. That's why I have to be friends with her.

She's strong.

My fists clenched at the thought of my mother. I quickly redirected my thoughts to that fucker who was probably still laying limp in the hall way.

The only thing stopping me from going over there and finishing off that coward was that I wanted to be there when Eliza awoke.

Finally after the bell rung, I was told six period was starting and that I needed to get to class. I was reluctant to leave but decided to, cause I already beat up someone and didn't need my father to get up my ass about anything else. I decided to catch her when school was over, she'd be awake by then.

After sixth period I decided that high school was gonna be a pain in my ass. When I entered the classroom to my shock and annoyance he scolded me and I quickly informed him who I was and that he was below my rank, and that I have and always shall do as I please.

The teacher scoffed in shock but remained silent. To my luck Taylor was in that class and he cracked up when I put the teacher in his place.

We stayed in the back of the class and talked about different things we planned on doing once the class was up, paying very little attention to the teacher who I later found out was Mr.Stevens.

A lot of the humans were wide eyed and starring at me. Two girls introduced them selves as Brooke and Alexa were flirting their asses off with Taylor and I much to our amusement.

When the Bell rung I parted ways with Taylor, he headed toward a very eager Alice or whatever the fuck her name was, and I went to go find Eliza.

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