Chapter 1

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Tobias P.O.V:

The taxi finally pulls up outside the Dauntless Compound, I pay the man and open the door for Nita. This is her first time in Chicago so I want to make it the best trip of her life.

I haven't been to the Dauntless Compound in 2 years; has it really been that long? I check my simple watch and see that dinner has just started; great, I was getting hungry anyway. I lead Nita into the cafeteria and find a table while she goes to the bathroom and then we'll get our food.

Across from the table I found, I could see some familiar people and they were all facing a small teen with a little girl on her lap. Wait... I could never forget that face: that was Tris, the girl I left to go to Mississippi, my first love and around her, the gang. I'm surprised to see she stayed at the Dauntless Compound; I don't know why. Although she's Divergent, she's born to be Dauntless.

The little girl was wearing a navy blue denim dress, black boots and a black bow in her hair. Tris wear the same as the little girl, just with black tights. Tris still looks the same but the little toddler has hazel brown, curly hair, blue-grey eyes, petite nose and lips and a small, thin body.

She moved on, hasn't she? She's fell in love, maybe got married and had a kid. The small girl runs to Christina who was facing Tris on the other side of the table and Tris leans into Uriah as he wraps his arm around her. She's in love with him, isn't she? Why am I jealous? I've got a gorgeous girlfriend who I love very much and she loves me back, haven't I? I'm about to walk over but as I get about halfway there, I see from the corner of my eye, Nita coming through the door and I don't want to risk it.

We quickly get our food and sit down so I sit down round the side that I can still see Tris and the gang. I must have been staring because Nita asks me what's wrong as Tris's eyes meet with mine...
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