Chapter 15 (And Areton)

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My armor definitely wasn't making things easier for me. Several times I've wanted to just leave her and go to the school alone, but I knew that I had to bring her back. It was my duty.

I sighed as I saw the gates. Finally. Guards just nodded to me and let me pass. But where do I put the girl? I decided to bring her to the headmaster.

Just as I was about to enter school, the dinner alarm went off. That meant that the Headmaster was already in the Great Hall.

I sighed, now seriously considering the idea of leaving her right there. But she woke up.

"W-where am I?" She asked tiredly. I sighed again.

"Somewhere safe" I said. Now that she's awake, I had to bring her to the Headmaster. He wounds started bleeding again, too, and I had her blood on me.

I made my way as fast as I could to the Great Hall. The doors were closed, and my hands were occupied. I tried opening the doors with my leg, but it didn't work.

The I decided to use my Element. I concentrated and the doors opened slowly. All the heads were looking at me as I made my way to the Headmaster who stood up as soon as he saw us.

"Who's that?" He asked.

" I don't know. She was getting attacked by a giant wolf, so I killed it and brought her here." I said. All eyes were still on me.

"I'll take her to a healer. You eat and rest." He said. The girl literally jumped out of my arms and ran after the Headmaster. So now you can walk, huh? Headmaster walked beside her as he asked questions about her. I decided that eating is the best thing I could do.

I sat next to Tanya, since it was the only free place.

"Good job on saving her" She said, trying to start a conversation.

"Yeah" I just said, not because I wanted to be rude, but because my mouth was full of food the next moment. After I swallowed, I decided to give Tanya a second chance.

"Wanna train together with our dragons tomorrow?" I asked. She nodded happily and laughed, friendly tapping by back. Her friendly tapping was strong, and it resulted in me chocking on my food. But in the end I managed to swallow it without dying. I shot her a glare to which she laughed.

"Laugh while you still can" I said jokingly, but she knew that I was planning something, so she shut up.

After we ate, I went to bed and read about the Ogre history. I fell asleep without noticing and still in my bloody clothes.

I woke up before the alarm next morning, feeling fresh and not tired. And I had a pretty good idea why- my other form. It gave me energy. For the first time ever, I was grateful of it.

I decided to sharpen my daggers before breakfast, but as I was about to start Tynan entered my room.

"If the door is locked it means you're not welcome" I said, annoyed.

"It's urgent. Your dragon is attacking other dragons- it needs exercise, it's restless." Tynan said, again without greeting.

"It's 'he', not 'it'. Areton has feelings too, you know" I said jokingly as I stood up. I was excited- I was going to ride my dragon right away!

"Shift into your dark form" He said. I knew he was going to say that. Shifting forms was easy for me now, and I was used to my dark form, and I could control it.

" Let's go" I said as I shifted myself into a crow. Tynan was a shape-shifter too, and he shifted into a hawk.

I tried my best to go as fast as I could, but Tynan was faster. So I did something kind of mean. I shifted into a wolf just as he was passing me, and I pinned him to the ground. Then I changed into a crow again and flew away, hearing his annoyed hawk-words in the distance.

I only had to wait a few seconds when I arrived to the roof. Tynan changed into himself, and immediately jumped, trying to pin me to the ground. I wasn't expecting that, so I was on the ground immediately. Before he could get a good grip on me, I managed to turn myself into a half-shadow and managed to escape. I never did that before, and Tynan was as surprised as I was. I took the opportunity and put a knife at his throat. 

"Nice trick" He said as he threw me over his head. Instead of hitting the ground, I shifted into and eagle and pecked his head before shifting back to myself.

"I know. Now let's ride!" I said excitedly. He nodded and smiled.

"Your dragon will recognize you. You will pay with him for a bit, and then I'll help you saddle him. I'll call my dragon and I'll teach you how to fly. " he said as I ran behind him. 

We passed a lot of dragons, who were keeping for them self. I was looking around for my dragon, when I heard and excited yelp coming from the other direction. I turned my head and saw a happy looking black dragon with green stripes half running half flying towards me.

 I knew it was Areton and I ran to meet him. He was twice as big as a horse, and he licked my face as soon as he got close. I could feel his mine inside of mine, and I felt love and excitement coming from him. He covered me with his wind, trying to hug me. I was laughing out loud, and Areton licked me again. Then he started jumping around.

 I turned around and saw Tynan coming towards us with a saddle. Areton growled and went to stand in front of me protectively. I tapped his shoulder as a sign that Tynan's alright. He seemed to understand and started jumping around again.

Tynan helped me put a saddle on him, and we were ready to fly.


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