Chapter 32

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*Ajay Mehra Pov*

"Ajay! Wake up." I felt someone shaking me, and I smiled hearing my name in her voice.

"What is it, Jiya?" I asked, turning to the other side holding her hand and started drifting off into sleep.

"We are getting late for office." She replied.

"We will go late." I mumbled and started pulling her on the bed still closing my eyes.

"No! You already took so many leaves. Now get up." She said scolding and even hit on my shoulder.

"Poor me." I said getting up and yawned.

"You are looking beautiful." I said after few minutes staring only at her.

"What? A normal dress which I wore many times already?" She asked putting her ear rings.

"I am not talking about the dress. I am just talking about the way you are getting ready. The way you are doing is beautiful." I replied, and she stared at me from the mirror.

"Thanks." She mumbled, and I got up from the bed to get ready.

"What are you doing, Jiya? We are getting late. Hurry." I said walking outside wearing my suit.

"Really? I didn't know that at all." She said, holding the front door for me.

"Tell your boss that you got late because of me." I said, and we both rushed outside.

We would have stayed back, but there is an important meeting in a few minutes. I was about to walk towards the bus stop, but she stopped holding my hand.

"We don't have time. Let's go in your car." She said and dragged me towards the parking lot in the apartment.

"Please have a seat." I said, opening the passenger door.

"Hurry!" She said and I too got inside.

We reached the company and rushed inside, ignoring the looks given by the remaining employees.

When we reached the conference hall, we saw that the clients were just about to enter the hall.

"I am so sorry Sir to bring you outside the hall for the small matter. It will not happen again." Jiya suddenly said little loudly and gestured for me to go on with it using her eyes.

"It's ok, Ms.Sarin. No harm done." I said, and we walked inside fully knowing the clients heard us.

The meeting went smoothly and at the end, they calmly said they will contact us after some time, but one of the members of the client started passing comments to Jiya.

"You are such a wonderful secretary. I wish you were working for us." He said winking at her.

I was about to hit him, but stopped seeing Jiya smiling at him, and I frowned not at all feeling well.

"I will definitely work for you, Sir when you start looking for brains in the secretary than anything else." She said, and I coughed to stop myself from laughing but other clients couldn't stop and burst out laughing.

"We will give you a call." They said after controlling their laughter and walked outside.

"I am proud of you Mrs.Mehra." I said side hugging her.

"Someone will see." She said, pushing away and added, "He deserved that. Normal, healthy flirting is okay, but creepy looks and creepy flirting is a no no."

"What is healthy flirting?" I asked her standing before her.

"Ok! Now watch carefully." She replied and slowly walked towards me with a small smile and different look like a mischievous look.

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