Carson POV

Who does she think she is talking to me like that? God! I finally got rid of Kessler and now shes here. God, they're both so annoying. But there was something about Kessler though, I thought I was going crazy! I thought I was gay or something! But the attraction to the girl, Logan, just confirmed that false.

God, I was freaking out. I have nothing against gay people, they can love whoever they want. Just not me, all the girls hearts I'd break, just kidding. Kind of.

I have to admit shes gorgeous, in a total natural way. Shes not all done up like the other girls, she just throws on random clothes and is done. Is it weird that I find that extremely sexy...?

I put my head in my hands. Shit, I need to get laid... I'm not going to lie and say I'm not attracted to her, because I am but I'm just going to get over it. If a sleep with her and leave, Madison would kill me but if I go out with he- STOP!! What the fuck am I thinking! I am not a one woman kinda guy. I like variety, red heads, brunettes, Blondie's, dirty blonde's... Logan...Shush! Stop it now Carson!

For god sakes, I'm practically obsessing about a girl I've only said 2 sentences to!

All the guys are going to be all over her, we haven't had a new girl in forever. I feel a tinge of jealousy spark when I think about all the guys vying for her attention. Gosh, I feel like a girl...

I know I shouldn't... but I might have to have a little talk with the male population of this school....


Logan POV

The next day I get a tour of the school, which is incredibly boring since I know where everything is, but I act interested all the same.

I walk to my first class, late from the tour. Biology. I step through the door with a knock.

"Hi I'm Logan Katsler. I'm new." I say awkwardly, the only bad thing is my timetable and classes are different, so I don't know her.

"Introduce yourself!" the teacher says boredly and I turn to the class staring curiously at me. Might as well go with the truth.

"Well, my name is Logan Katsler and I got expelled from my last school for letting mice free into the hallways." I say boredly.

"What? Didn't Logan Kessler do that?" someone asks.

Shit. "Yeah, em he went to my school and he was like my partner in crime so he told me to do it again to annoy the principal..." I say quickly, cursing myself at my slip up.

They all just nod slowly. These teens are extremely naive... I take that time to survey the room. Ugh. Carson's in this class and he has an empty seat beside him. I search frantically for another but come across none.

I walk over and plop down into the seat.

"Who said you could sit there?" Carson says rudely.

"Sorry but its the only seat left but believe me if I had a choice I'd rather sit on the ground," I say truthfully.

"What if I needed it?"

"Oh yeah, for what? Your ego? Of course! That would be the only thing that could fill up this amount of space." I say cheekily. He glares at me.

"Well-" he starts but is cut off when the teacher starts talking.

"Okay class. Look at the person beside you because your going to be spending a lot of time with them for a while." she says. I put my head in my hands. Just my luck, my partner just has to be the most annoying self-centered asshole on the tri-state area.