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"Bye Tiff! I should be back by midnight!" I said as I finished putting on my shoes.

"Okay! Have fun at the party!" She shouted from the living room and I left the house getting into my car in the garage. Soon I arrived at my friend's house. I hopped out of my car and walked to her front door.

"Rach! I'm here! Where are you?" I shouted.

"Bathroom!" I walked towards the master bath and saw my friend finish curling her hair. "I like your dress."

"Thanks! The shoes are my fav part," I twirled in my knee-length dress and showed my friend the powder blue shoes that I had gotten for an amazing deal.

"Gorgeous! Now, do I look fabulous or magnificent?" My friend asked, posing extremely awkwardly as a joke.

"You look magnificently fabulous, darling. Did you get the masks?" Tonight's event was a masquerade.

"Yep! They came in the mail a few days ago and they're amazing!" She grabbed the box that held our masks.

"Then what are we standing here for? I do believe we have a ball to go to!" We went and got into Rachel's car, leaving for our high school reunion. This was our 10 year reunion and the first one Rachel and I could go to since we were both traveling in Europe for our last one.

"I wonder how Jamie is doing," Rachel wondered aloud. We were both thinking of our old schoolmates and hoping that their lives had worked out.

"Do you think people will judge me? I mean everybody will undoubtedly know by the end of the night that I have a kid and that I'm not married anymore. You remember how cruel some of the kids we went to school with are. They're not going to take time to see if I did have a husband and things just didn't work out or any of that. They'll just automatically assume the worst and I don't want to have to deal with the whispers again." I worried.

"I have to admit that we had some super snobby kids in our grade that lived off of gossip but there is one thing I know for sure and that is the fact that there were way more good kids in our grade. People may have been rude but there was always somebody next to you to tell them to stop. Besides, we've never let them bother us before, have we?" Rachel reassured me.

"I guess not," I agreed sheepishly, smiling at my best friend.

"Good. Now, let's go show off how good we look at 28!" Rachel whooped and got out of the car.

I really wanted to be positive but the closer I got to my old school the more nervous I became. Rachel has been married to a guy we met in London named Logan since we were 23 and she's never been afraid of what people say about her. I on the other hand was married for two years, had a baby at 25, and then became a widow two months later. It had been the hardest thing I've ever had to go through in my life. Raising your first baby is hard enough but dealing with losing your soulmate at the same time is nearly impossible. I was lucky enough to have my family and friends help me through but that didn't make the heartbreak any less painful.

I went to lots of counseling and spent a lot of time reflecting on what I wanted in life and what I needed to do to make sure that my baby was able to live her life with everything I could give her. I know that I'm going to find another man. I will always love Danny but there is so much more of life that I want to spend with someone I love. I've tried dating but now that I have Mila, I know that I have to find the perfect daddy for her, not just the perfect husband for me. Needless to say, I may have been a bit pickier than most girls and due to that the process has been quite slow.

We walked into our old gym and saw that the whole place had been decorated with sheer curtains and lights hung up around the walls and tables.  One half of the gym was full of tables that people could spend time catching up or enjoying the refreshments while the other half was completely clear and close to the DJ system set up in the corner for everyone to dance.

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