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#1. Interviewer: " If you had to promote your album, how would you do it ? "

      Louis: " here is One Direction's brand new album. It's very similar to the first one, except it's got a different title, different songs and beats. But still amazing ! "

#2. Eleanor and Louis did the tango in the street after the X-factor party.

#3. Louis: 20. Mental Age: 5

#4. Louis has been bitten by chipmunks at several occasions.

#5. While they were shopping, Louis put an unused price tag in Harry's back pocket so that he set off every shop alarm.

#6. Harry and Louis promised to be each others best man at their weddings.

#7. In school, Louis was dared to walk into girls toilet and makeout with the first girl he saw. He ended up in detention.

#8. His favorite band is Kings of Leons

#9. " No matter how far me and my girlfriend would be; I'd never cease to make her laugh and smile " - Louis

#10. Louis and Niall both get to start a song in Take Me Home

#11. Louis' first pet is a dog named Ted

#12. Before they got put as a band, Louis took a picture with Harry because he knew Harry was going to be famous

#13. He doesn't understand short term relationships. He thinks they're dumb.

#14. If he had a wish, he'd wish to be able to fly.

#15. When Louis was younger. he used to sit in his pushchair and say " hello, have a good day ! " to stranger.

#16. " Screaming fams are making me go deaf. "

#17. Sugarscape have made an eleven page long article with Louis' sassiest moment.

#18. When Louis gets bored he pokes Harry's dimples to annoy him.

#19. Louis try to convince Harry to date a fan.

#20. His Mum says he's always preferred girls with brown hairs.

#21. " Some would call our fans crazy, but we feel they are passionate" - Louis

#22. Louis is a Capricorn, meaning he's compatible with Taurus. Virgo and Capricorn.

#23. Louis: " If a guy is taking his girl for granted, he really deserves a slap- With a baseball bat ! "

#24. " I have a picture on my Nightstand with me and Harry.

#25. Louis' favorite colour is Red.

#26. Louis likes girls who eat carrots

#27. " Harry is mine" ~Louis Tomlinson

#28. Louis is dating the gorgeous Eleanor Calder

#29. Louis doesn't like it when the other boys wear stripes.

#30. Louis has been named "the Sass Masta of Doncasta"

#31. Louis is tired of the Larry Stylinson joke and is especially angered by people claiming Eleanor is just a cover-up

#32. For Eleanor's 20th birthday, Louis got her a beautiful Disneyland cake with marzipan figurines of the two of them and a special birthday message from Rihanna, who El is a huge fan of  Isn't he just the best boyfriend ever?

#33.  Louis put on a hilarious game called Megamind. Liam beat Zayn and Niall beat Harry. The second one should come as no surprise seeing as Harry is the slowest talker ever.

#34. Louis won the hip thrust contest at a concert where a fan tweeted asking the boys to perform hip thrusts

#35. Louis is Childish.

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