Chapter Five

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Finally, they arrived at the airport the following morning. Exiting the limousine, Lottie was relieved to be leaving Melbourne again. She was going to her real home. The palace at Zaid's side, although he did insist she still had those two and half weeks off, and was taking the blond with them, and Josh. Their luggage sent ahead. Shoving on large sunglasses, she headed towards the private jet, shrugging off her beige overcoat, knowing how comfortable the plan was to reveal a singlet type white top, soft shade of peach skirt with a thin toffee brown belt that matched her shoes.

Without waiting for the others, she headed up the stairs. Inside the luxury plane, and went straight to her usual seat, one usually opposite Zaid, who was seeing to his other guests to make sure they were settled in. Something she should have seen to, she realised, as he stood beside her, shrugging off his suit jacket to hand over to her. She arched a brow, confused.

"Put it on," he said sitting down. Wordless she did, then belted up. It wasn't until after they had taken off, and Zaid had buried himself into work as he always did, she excused herself. Collected her coat, and headed to the back to the bedroom, where Zaid had his clothes hanging. Always there in case of emergencies. Closing the door, she shrugged off his coat to go and hung beside his other clothes. She reached for a spare hanger to drape her coat on, and hung. Going to one of the drawer she removed a long sleeved, light top to remove the one she was wearing to put on the more suitable one.

Once done, she packed the other one away, and made her way back to find Christine in her seat. She looked around to find Josh watching a movie, ear plugs in to go and find another seat to settle in, looking out the window, resting her head on the corner of the chair. This was a first. How was she going survive the fourteen hour flight, quiet often resting against Zaid's shoulder, sleeping as he worked.

"It seems you are wanted, Miss Johnson," came a cold voice. Startled, she looked up at the blond to stand and go to him, who waved her back into her seat.

"I see you have changed," he noted without looking up.

"Colder than I remembered," she stated. "Hanging up," she answered before he asked. He nodded, slipping down his seat, placing a foot on the opposite chair, laptop on his lap. "Coffee?" Again another nod. She rung for the attendant to put in his coffee, and her tea order. "Please ask the others if they want anything." Zaid coughed. "Oh, yes, please something to eat. Light, yet substantial." Zaid gave her a sideways look. "Sorry I don't know what's on board." He dropped his foot. Lottie stood and went with the attendant to see what was on offer.

She pulled out a plate to fill up with a mixture of club sandwiches, petite four, his favourite pastries from his home country, and a small contain of mixed nuts and dried fruit. She removed another club sandwich to eat on the way back, the coffee following to find Christine back in her seat. This was getting beyond a joke to glare at her. "Oh sorry," she placed a hand on her throat. She stood, and moved away when Lottie didn't back down.

"Jump in my grave that fast, I think not," she mumbled under her breath to take her seat, pressing a button to have a table open from the side of he plane wall to place down the plate closer to Zaid, who reached to remove a sandwich as he kept reading.

"Who would, Charlotte?"

"Sorry," she looked across licking her fingers.

"Jump in your grave."

"I keep forgetting you have super hearing. Nothing Zaid, ah your coffee," she pushed aside the plate, to have his coffee placed down nearest to him and her tea in front of her, smiling at the attendant. "Don't let it get cold," she said removing her tea to sip at. Another reason she sat at his side was to remind him to eat and drink. Once he buried himself into his work, nothing else mattered. He closed the lid to place the laptop in the opposite chair, crossing his legs. They shared the plate.

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