Dating the Son of Zeus *11*

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"Hercules, I think you might be over reacting a little," Penelope said from my bedroom.

"No he's not Penelope," Perseus said. "Right here in Cosmo magazine it says '8 Things His Outfit Will Tell You'."

I peeked out of my closet. The two of them were sitting on my bed, flipping through the magazine. Looking at the clock in my room it read 4:30. Only an hour and a half until I was supposed to pick Sophia up for Just thinking the word sent me into a frenzy of nervousness. I had been nervous about it from the beginning, but after I told the group that Sophia had agreed to our date, they had all done their part to help me out. Perseus had went out and aquired every magazine and book possible on dating, and he hadn't put them down since then. I hadn't even thought about where I would take her or how important what I would wear was going to be until Perseus brought it to my attention. It was insane to think that a date was this important!

"What about this one?" I asked taking a dark blue button up collared shirt from a hanger in my closet and showing it to Perseus. After inspecting it for a moment he finally nodded his head.

"That looks almost exactly like the one this guy in the magazine is wearing."

"Ok good," I said laying it down on my bed next to the black slacks I would be wearing. Glancing back up at the clock I asked, "Why isn't he back yet?"

"Don't worry Hercules, he'll be here," Penelope said. Honestly, her job was to keep us all calm. If it hadn't been for her constant attitude of calm collectiveness, I think I would have gone crazy already. I was pacing my room, wondering where Leonidas could be. His job was to go and pick up the car that Mr. Marlow had gotten for us. I didn't even think about it, but apparently all the magazines said that the type of car a guy drives is really important. Penelope had placed the call and Mr. Marlow promised to get the car I asked for.

"Look, you're making me nervous. Just go take a shower, calm down, and then get dressed. By then Leonidas should be back," Penelope said leaving the room. "Come on Perseus," she said hauling him out as well.

"Hey listen to this! 12 things that will spice up your love life!" Perseus said wide eyed.

"Come on!" Penelope said tugging him out of the room.

I turned and walked into my bathroom. Turning on the hot water I stepped in and just absorbed it. This was so nerve racking. I never thought about how much a guy has to go through to impress a girl he likes. Back home, things were never this complicated. I attempted to not think about how much work this all was and instead remembered why I was doing it. Sophia's face immeadiately popped into my head. I saw her dark hair and her olive skin. Thinking about her beautiful smile, and those brilliant eyes made me smile. Yeah, she was worth anything and everything. I knew it would be worth it. Finally deciding that I needed to get out, I grabbed my towel and dried off. I got dressed into the clothes that were still laying on my bed. I finished my last few buttons and walked down stairs. My friends were all standing around the counter in the kitchen, talking amongst themselves. I was attempting to button the cuffs on my shirt when Penelope spoke.

"Hercules, you look great," she said smiling.

"Really?" I asked.

"Yeah, you look pretty sharp," Leonidas said.

"Just like the picture," Perseus said smiling.

"Good," I smiled. "Leonidas, did you get it?"

"Yup, down stairs. The vallet has it so just ask them to get it for you."

Looking up at the clock I saw that it was 5:15. I knew I should go. Looking back at my friends, I gave them a shaky smile. Penelope came forward and hugged me.

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