One Shot

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A.N. Though the people are real, the story is completely made up, and I don't own One Direction, or anyone else, sadly.

"You don't know you're beautiful..Oh oh..

That's what makes you beautiful!

Thank you everybody!We are One Direction..

Good night!"

*Fans screaming*

It was like this after every concert. Racing heart, ragged breaths. Harry was so tired, but the adrenaline rush just blurred it to a slight pounding in his veins. But as soon as the hormone wears off, the stress hits like a tidal wave, and he was asleep as soon as his head hit the pillow of his hotel room.

In the other room, Louis was pacing the around. He was tired too, but his stress about the other thing got to him more and kept him awake.

The baby.

"Oh god.." He clutched his head with both hands and plopped down on the bed, knocking down a small lamp in the process. He straightened it up, and went back to thinking.

He was 23, with a steady income and enough experience with kids. But was he ready for it? Was he ready to skip a concert, if it means staying with the child when no one else is there? Was he ready to really forget about his friends and...Harry?

He could feel tears pooling in his eyes. Of course, he had told his best friend yesterday, and he had been ever the good friend, hugging him and assuring that he has his back. But even then, Louis felt as if his heart was being squeezed by the hand of cruel fate. This was his fault, he knew.

It all changed within one day, with too much alcohol and an ex-girlfriend.

Now, he was miserable. He wanted the kid. But he didn't want it to be his and Brianna's.

He wanted it to be theirs.

Lou lied down on the sheets. He and Harry had been together for a while, about 5 years ago, and they knew each other better than they knew themselves. But their work had cost them their relationship. The rumours were treated like a scandal by management. They resorted to being just friends, but lately they had been drifting apart still. Packed schedules left them no time to just hang out or chill together. It was main reason Zayn had left, and now, he fully understood his situation.

Lou sighed and sat back up. There was nothing to do now. It was too late for an abortion, and besides, he couldn't do it, knowing he would be potentially killing a kid. Harry would hate him for it.

There was a knock on the door. Louis checked his phone. It was 2.17 am. Who the hell would be up at this time? Beside him, of course.

He got up and went to the door. Through the peephole all he could see was a pyjama-clad shoulder of someone very tall. But he recognized the shoulder, so he opened the door.

"Hey. What are you doing up at this time?"

Harry looked bed-draggled, his long hair messed up in every possible way.

"You woke me when you...kicked something?"

"Oh. No, my lamp fell. Was it that loud? Sorry. Come in."

Harry shut the door behind him and sat on the bed.

"What are you doing up at this time?", he asked, rubbbing the sleep out of his eyes. He could see that his friend was worrying about something.

"Oh you know..stuff..I just had a bad head ache and couldn't sleep"

Harry knew something was off immediately. His friend never got bad head aches. He was the role model for perfect health. He quickly got up and walked toward Lou, who was now sitting on the sofa with his eyes closed.

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