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I've only been at this place for about a week, he doesn't know me. He can't read me. He doesn't know anything about me. How- I'm not that easy to read.

He does not know me. My breathing started to become heavier and heavier and I can feel a panic attack coming along.

So what if I haven't stopped? Who's going to send me to jail huh? Who?

"What did I say." A mumble came from across the room. I looked up and saw those same electric eyes meet mine again, and it felt like my whole world just spiraled out of control.


I rolled over in my bed, scratching my eyes. I wiped away the dry tears on my face and stood up, seeing a little bit of blood on my bed. Whatever I'll deal with it later. I grabbed my cellphone, dialing my lifeline.

"Hey Cas what's up?" She answered, munching on food on the other line.

"Can I come over?" I asked her softly.

"Oh my god-" Pause. Munch, .... Swallow. "Of course you can! You can come over right now if you want!" She laughed.

"Okay... Thanks."

"Alright boo, see you in a few." Riley told me and hung up the phone. It was a miracle that she lived close to me.

I sighed, looking back at myself in the mirror in disgust. I moved the nozzle of the large bath and filled it with water, and took a quick, but highly needed bath.

I had to get rid of any trace of blood, but the worst, any trace of Alex.


I let the water drain from the tub, and wrapped a white towel around my body, letting my hair drip onto the soft mat beneath my feet. I made my way towards my closet, taking a black shirt, and a large adidas jacket with matching pants and shoes. I dressed and threw my wet hair in a pony tail. I ran down the stairs and took a quick glance at myself.

"Better than being here."

I grabbed my keys and my skateboard and boarded over to her house. I felt bad for calling Willy at such a late time, so I figured this was the next best option.

When reached her house, I knocked on her door, looking down, holding my right hand with my other to stop me from shaking.

Wow Cassandra, can't even look up without fidgeting.

Suddenly the door flew open and I was greeted by my best friend with a bag of chips in her hand.

"Hi!" She pulled me into her house, dragging me up the large stairs and into her room. I dropped my bag on the floor and landed on her bed with a plop. She walked over to her blue swivel chair and sat down.

"Isn't it kind of sad you couldn't last without me for a day?" Ri joked, trying to lighten up the mood.

"Seriously, I don't know what to do, or why the hell I did what I did." I sighed, brushing my hand through my tangled hair.

"Well, come on Casey, spill the beans." I sat up on her bed, she had magazines spread all over her floor like if she was working on a project. Then I looked up at her wall. There was a huge heart cut out and some pictures inside. That explains it.

"So what's that that you're working on? I asked, hoping to not have to explain what happened again.

"Cas stop trying to make me drop it, you know I won't." Riley told me.


"Okay so I got home and I was texting you and Melody and everyone else when I got a text from... you know, and I responded to it." I picked my phone out of my bag and passed it to her so she can read the text messages.

"Mhm... Oh... Sounds risky."


"No." She said when she was done reading them. All of a sudden my phone started to buzz. Must mean I got a text. Riley passed her phone over to me.

Unknown Number.

Weren't you sweet today?

I stared at the phone, before tossing it back down. Someone's probably confused.

"Just ignore it, and finish telling me what happened." Ri told me, being sure that I would become paranoid. The phone buzzed one more time, and I stared at the cell, itching to grab it and read the next message.

"Ok..." I finished telling her,  slightly crying. She hugged me and told me that he wasn't going to do anything to me, and that it will be all okay.

It wasn't going to be okay. It isn't rocket science.

Hours later, I plopped onto Riley's pop out bed from the wall, ready to go and sleep. I watched my phones black screen, and I've finally had enough. I couldn't resist looking at the phone. We were about to get ready to go to sleep, when I couldn't resist to look at my phone.

See you tomorrow sweetheart. This time, let's not throw fists.

Before I knew it, the sun was out, yet I was still wide awake, staring at outside the window.

It's Alex, and he's coming to get me.


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1441 Words written for this chapter!

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