"The one you had a hissy fit on." Trust him to bring that up to have her cheeks go flaming red. Would she ever live that down?

"Look, I'd be there in twenty. It might be in my room."

"Charlotte!" But it was too late to shut down her phone and headed back to her high school friends, and their babies to collect her handbag.

"Sorry emergency, have to go."

"Was that your boss?" one asked.


"I thought this was your free time," another pointed out. "Hasn't he heard about holidays?"

"It's an emergency, so just popping in, and he needs me now."

"Seems to me, he calls and you run," came another to her annoyance, and glared at her in disgust.

"Zaid's a very good boss. He only asked. I said I was coming in, not him demanding my time. I offered to come in."

"So we would see you tonight."

Lottie shouldered her handbag. "Yes you will." Turning around, she walked away, and out of the cafe they had agreed to meet to spend an afternoon together. She couldn't get out of there fast enough. It wasn't their fault or hers. They just had nothing in common anymore. She looked around for a taxi to see none, so raced across the busy street to catch a free tram to the other side of the city to South Bank where the Hotel was situated to enter, and rushed to the top floor, where she had to go through the guards, identified herself with her security card to be told she wasn't allowed pass.

"Why not?" she asked shocked. What, he had banned her from the hotel?

"Because you're coming with me." She looked up at the deep rolling voice that she had missed taking in his every detail like a starving child.

"Zai...sire?" she quickly changed her slip of his first name with his men standing there on guard. He walked passed them to join her side, taking hold of her arm to lead away.

"I'm on my way to met him so would explain on the way."

Her eyes widened. "I have no idea, who or what it's about." She looked at him horrified. He handed over a folder. She flicked through as they walked towards the elevators, scanning every word, and detail. An Australian, born and breed in Melbourne, architect to flicker over his offered designs, outside and interior. Before she knew it they were in the limousine been driven away.

"So what do you think?" Zaid asked softly.

Funny really the work had a familiar feel, yet not. "Young, impressive, inspirational, but is it what you want?" she glanced across to him.

"Shall we find out?"

"Oh, yes,' she beamed as she read over his file again. "He's only a few years older than me. and look what he had achieved. Amazing. His profile is brilliant, nearly as good as yours. Not quite, but good. Oh, I see you two getting along fine. Zaid he's brilliant." She glanced across. "So do you like his ideas?" That was so important, if he didn't it was going to be a waste of time.

"We are going, aren't we?"

"Yes!" she beamed, her blue eyes bright, then grew dark. "I thought you couldn't find these?" she waved the papers at him.

"Not those ones. The others. The ones you threw at me."

"Oh," she said softly, going a softer blue. "Sorry," then flashed dark again. "Why not?"

"I placed them on the table, if I remember."

She frowned thoughtful. "So why are we here?"

"No reason, just a get together over coffee." She nodded to go back to read over every detail to her mind. His past that was interesting, it seemed they went to the same high school. His achievements, to be impressed, then onto to his photo, so she would recognised him when they arrived. Quite good looking in a scruffy way, and slightly familiar. Her heart gave a little leap of recognition, surely not? Possible not to go back to the front page. Yep, differently Sinclair, and she knew no Sinclair.

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