Black and White Memories

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"Alfred!" I yelled

"What?" America replied

"Come here! And hurry!"

Alfred's P.O.V:

'Oh no, what did I do?! Did England tell (name) something?!' I thought

"U-uh... Okay coming, babe..." I said nervously.

I quickly walked to the room where she was in. I stood in the doorway. She was sitting in the middle of the storage room, that she somehow kept extremely neat, by a large box


"Alfred! You're here! Come closer!" She smiled.

I wiggled my eyebrows.

"Hahaha, not like that, silly!" She laughed.

I loved her laugh.
I walked over and sat by her.
"Thank goodness this isn't something serious..." I thought.

(Name)'s P.O.V:

I picked up a picture of Alfred and I (how many years you've been dating) years ago, and showed it to him.

"Hahaha, wow... That was when we went on out on our first date, and Francis was stalking us, and taking non-stop pictures!" Alfred laughed.

"Hahaha, yeah... Talk about paparazzi." I giggled.

Alfred laughed again.

"Why are you looking at these pictures, anyways?" He asked.

"Oh, Francis and Arthur just gave me this pictures, so I decided to look through them." I smiled.

"Be careful... You never know what you'll find in there..."

"Haha, yeah I've already found some French playboy stuff."

"Really?... Can I see it?" He mumbled.

"No! Alfred!!!"




"Hey look at this! "

I said as I grabbed a cute picture of Alfred and Arthur building a snowman, and handed it to him, to brake the awkward situation. The snowman even had Iggy brows! How cute!!!

"Hahaha, I remember that! England was expecting a towering snowman, but he got that..." He smiled, and got back into his happy mood again.

"You were so cute!!!"

"WERE? I though I still was!"

I laughed, then pecked him on the lips.

He grinned a ear to ear smile.

I started to dig through the pictures again, until Alfred's phone started to ring.

He answered it, and was all like;
Yep... Yeah... Yes... Sure... Sí... Jå...Yeeeaaahhh... Bye
(Not really... I'm trying to be funny)

"Sorry babe, I have to go to a meeting."

"Wait, like a world meeting? I mean I need to go to those too, I'm a country too!"

"Calm down, Sealand... It's a private meeting with my boss at the Pentagon."

"O-okay... Be careful...."

"Haha, I will (name)!"

We both stood up.

"I love you, Alfred!"

"I love you too, (name)!"

He leaned in for a kiss. I rolled my eyes, and passionately kissed him. He pulled away, and sighed.

"I need to get going, or I'll be late." He made a puppy face.

"Aww~ we can finish this when you come back, okay?"


"Hahaha, okay. You should get going."

"Oh yeah, goodbye (name)!"

"Bye, Alfred!"

He then hopped in his truck, and then drove away.

*magical time skip by flying mint bunny!*

I finally put away all the photos neatly, it was about 10:30pm. I heard my phone vibrate. I looked at it, it was a text from Alfred.

Alfred: hey, babe! I'll be home first thing tomorrow! Don't worry, dear! ;)
You: Oh, alright... Too late to tell me to not to worry, I've been worrying the whole time you've been gone! :D
Alfred: aww don't worry about me!
You: I'll be so alone sleeping without you >~<
Alfred: aww you make me want to come home right now!
Alfred: hahaha okay sweetie :3
You: Well, goodnight. Love you! <3
Alfred: Goodnight, I LOVE YOU too <3

I smiled, and got ready for bed.

*small time skip*

I sat in my bed. It seemed to lonely, and quiet. I missed him so much, and he has only been gone for almost a day.
Well, I won't miss him snoring sometimes


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