Ch. 29 Loss

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When I woke, Jake was walking in with Hawk. He was holding a coffee.

I looked up at them and sighed.

"Hey," he smiled. He walked over and kissed my head. "How are you feeling?"

"Better. Did you make things right with your mom?" I asked, rubbing my eye.

"I did."

"Did you really?"

"Yes. How's your head?"


Dr. Taylor came in. "Hey. I'm on Dr. Michaels' service today, so I'll be with you for a bit. Mind if I check your incision?"

"Knock yourself out," I spoke.

He put hand sanitizer on and rubbed it in before lifting my gown. He removed some of the bandages. He touched it.

"Ouch," I winced.


"No. Lighten up your touch. Is this your first post-op exam or something?" I smiled.

"No, but it's my first with someone I work with. How's the pain?"



My grandparents walked in with the Chief.

"Dr. Taylor, is Dr. Malone able to move in around in a wheelchair?" the Chief asked.

"I think so."

"You think so? Oh, I'm never leaving this place," I sighed.

The Chief smiled and took a look at my incision.

"All my dignity is going out the window," I sighed, looking at Jake.

He smiled and took a drink of his coffee.

"Okay. Dr. Malone, I need you to come with us," the Chief spoke, getting a wheelchair for me.

"Where are we going?"

"A meeting," Granddad spoke.

"I don't like the sound of that. Am I being fired or something?" I asked, getting a little worried.

"No, of course not."

Jake put his jacket around my shoulders.

Dr. Taylor helped me up and into the wheelchair.

"Should I come?" Jake asked.

"No, it's a family matter," Granddad spoke.

"I am-"

They wheeled me from the room. They took me to a nearby conference room.

Kelly was sitting with a man in a suit.

A couple men in suits were on the opposite side of the table.

A man stood and shook Granddad's hand. "Jackson, nice to see you again. Lucille."

She shook his hand.

The Chief closed the door and sat with Kelly and the man in the suit.

"We're here for a malpractice suit," Granddad spoke. "Dr. Hamilton's negligence led to our granddaughter almost dying and-"

"Hey, wait a second," I spoke

My grandparents' lawyer spoke over me, "She was negligent. The patient almost died and-"

"Hey!" I shouted. Feeling a pain, I immediately grabbed my throat.

They all froze and turned to me.

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