34 Fading Zen

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Tuesday morning and Louis has been up for an hour staring at the scarf-adorned wall in front of him. Harry is asleep next to him.

Louis still has an hour before he has to leave for the spa and quite frankly, he thinks Harry's been sleeping long enough.

He's quite proud of the fact that he didn't jump Harry the moment he woke up with a hard on. However, that may be partially because there's an idea that's been bouncing around in his head all morning that has him kind of worked up, and he's ready to strike.

Louis slowly pulls back the comforter to expose Harry's body. Harry is on his stomach, face buried sideways into the pillow at the top of the bed, snoring every so lightly. Louis positions himself down by Harry's legs.

Harry doesn't move.


Louis lays his practiced and steady fingertips against Harry's legs. He softly tickles them up and down the length of Harry's calves, watching closely for any kind of reaction.

He's still sound asleep, so Louis puts a little more weight behind his fingertips and trails them up to where the back of his knee is. Louis seems to cross the physical threshold because Harry stops snoring and lets out a sigh. Louis smiles to himself.

He runs his fingers upward until it seems he crossed the top of the threshold there because Harry goes back to snoring. He works his fingers around the area, figuring out exactly where the perimeter is, and determines that the erogenous zone is about four inches wide and four inches high.

I wonder when Harry discovered this was a hot spot for himself. And how...

Louis makes a mental note to ask Harry about it later, then glides his fingers into the sensitive area again, making Harry sigh. He rubs his fingers back and forth across where Harry's knees would crease in.

Harry's breathing becomes lighter and wispier, so Louis circles his fingers around. He's not sure if it's mental or physical, but Harry's skin feels really hot. Or maybe it's his fingertips giving off all the heat. He can't be sure.

Louis kneads in with a little more pressure and that makes Harry stir. There's a mumble into the pillow, and then Harry ruts down against the bed.

Louis breaks a sweat because watching Harry react like this is hot. He's not even sure if Harry is awake yet. Maybe Harry's in that state where consciousness isn't quite there, but the light-bodied feeling of sensations are.

He bites his lip in anticipation and pushes his fingers in even harder. Harry's response is immediate as a moan is emits from his mouth, and his hips surge down into the mattress again.

Louis' heartrate is so erratic, that he almost misses Harry moan out a name that isn't his. Louis instantly pulls his hands off the backs of Harry's knees and Harry whimpers out again.

"God Niall, stop being such a fucking tease." Harry pulls the pillow out from under him and throws it at Louis' face.

Louis catches it then throws it at one of Harry's shelves, knocking over a couple of statues. He's breathing like he just escaped a den of lions, and waits on his haunches for Harry to acknowledge him.

"I didn't say stop. I just said don't tease; and don't knock my shit over." Harry threads fingers through his hair as he groans and pivots his body to lay on his back, exposing his fully erect cock.

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