Chapter 4

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Percys POV:

Tony, annoying I might add, hums along to the elevator music playing in the background.

I rub my face, for some reason extremely frustrated. So extreme I can't even begin to explain.

The elevator doors open and I practically sprint outside. I'm almost instantly hit by the heat, but I don't care.

Natasha come by my side and lightly grabs my arm. "Remember. Your still a terrorist." She says jokingly, but serious enough that I get the picture.

I nod barely listening and take a deep breath.

Tony passes us repeating happily. "Shawarma shawarma shawarma."

Bruce and Steve, rolling their eyes follow him with Natasha and me behind.

We soon stop at this restaurant, which I assuming is the "Shwarma place".

Tony talks to the owner inside as we wait at an outside table for him.

There's major awkward silence. Major.

"So..." Bruce says sitting down at an outside table. "Let's talk."

We all take a seat and wait for Bruce to say something.

"Well, Percy. We haven't been around teenagers for a while. We don't really know, what to do-"

"Speak for yourself." Tony says putting triangle-shaped bread on the table. "All the kids love me."

Natasha instantly snorts and I raise and eyebrow at Tony who shoves more bread in his mouth.

Suddenly I feel a tug in my stomach. I sit up and look down. The sewer. That still counts as water right? Uh, well, messed up water. Turned water. Disgustingly moldy water. Yep, I'm pretty sure that's still water.

I glance up at the 'Avengers', or whatever they call themselves, and see them in a heated conversation about how popular Tony is.

Looking back down and feeling another pull in my stomach, I grin. I have an escape plan.

Wow. That sounds lame. But whatever, soon I'll be free and on my own again.

I scoot my chair back which, of course, happened to screech on the floor.

The Avengers all turn there attention on me.

Steve suspiciously says. "Wha-"

But, hilariously I might add, he was cut off by the sewer erupting and splashing everywhere, and yes also in Steve's open mouth.

I guess I willed a little too much water because other sewer nearby exploded too.

Stifling a laugh I turn and run hard, attempting not to slip on the wet concrete. Have you ever tried to run on wet concrete? It's no walk in the strawberry fields.

About a half a block away I still hear Tony cursing and Natasha screaming my name.

I turn around and see them all running towards me.

Laughing at their soaking appearance, I run into a random store.

Ignoring the many looks from customers, I run to the ack of the store where the cash register is.

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