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"Spoooock!" you shout out as you sit on his lap on the bridge. "Yes Y/N?" Spock ask you as he raises a eyebrow at you sitting on his lap. "When is your shift done?" you ask your boyfriend. "I shall be done in 10 minutes of your time." he answers you, going back to his work. "Fine then, I'll be waiting in your quarters." you whisper in his ear & other sweet things, as you get up off him. "What was THAT all about?" Kirk ask Spock as you are walking to the turbo lift with a smile. "I do not wish to answer that in this matter." Spock answers montone but with a faint green color on his cheeks. 

( Time skip by Spock's cute ears!) You were setting up 3-D chess waiting for your boyfriend,Spock, when he walked though the door & walked over to you & ask, "May I ask on what you are doing Y/N?" "I'm setting up 3-D chess so you can teach me how to play." you tell him as he sits down. " I will attempt to teach you of this." Spock says to you. He starts to explain the rules to you which make absolutely no sense to you, until he explained it again slower. Then you start to play.

 "Check." you say to Spock with a smile on your face as you move your piece on the check board. "Check mate." Spock says back to you as he moves his piece & wins the game. Your smile turns quickly into a frown.  Again, for the third time in a row he had beaten you at it. Which was really no surprise, you were just beginning to get the hang of it & he is a Vulcan & Vulcan's brains are more superior then human's brain. 

"How do you do it Spock? You've won every game!" you huff. "The only logically reason that I am able to win is because of the fact that you are just beginning, also that I am a Vulcan that has been playing this game much longer then you have so I have more experience then you." he answers you.

"That was a rhetorical question Spock." you mutter. "Oh." You look at the clock it said 6:00 on there.  "How about we take a break & go to dinner?" you ask him as you pack up the game. "That would be the most logical choice." he agrees with you as you both get up from the table & walk to & out the door into the hallway towards the break room. You & Spock find a table with Kirk & McCoy already there. You & Spock get your food from the food replicator & join them at the table. 

"So, how are you two love birds doing?" Kirk you with a grin on his face. "That's none of your bee wax business, Captain." you tell him, as you eat your food. "I do not understand on why you humans refer animals to humans in your sentence." Spock says with a puzzled look on his face. "Because it's fun I guess." you tell him with a shurg. "What have ya'll been doing before coming here?" McCoy ask.

"Spock was teaching me how to play 3-D chess." you tell him. "Oh really? Who won?" he ask with a smirk on his face. He knew very well who won but he just wanted to see your face when you said, "Spock did. For the third time!" you exclaim as McCoy & Kirk smile. "Yeah well, anyways I'm going to teach Spock to play regular chess." you tell them as Spock look at you with a raised eyebrow. 

"Well then, don't let us get in the way of your fun." Kirk tell you as you & Spock get up from the chairs to leave. "Good night Captain, Doctor." Spock nods to them as you guy leave & head back to his quarters. "Now Spock, it's quite simple on how to play chess. It's just like 3-D chess, but a bit different." you tell him as you get it out from your closet. You started to explain the rules to him as you set it up & on how to play. Then you started to play. He did very good for the first game & won.

"Now that you have won you get a surprise!" you tell him as he looks up from the board to you. "What do you mean by that Y/N?" he ask you with a puzzled look. "This is your surprise." you say to him as  you lean over & kiss him on the lips for a very long time. Once you break he tells you, "I do very enjoy this game, &it's surprises." Then you smile & start another game, hoping he wins again. 

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WOW. This was a really long one. 

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