"Why dontcha just ask him about Leon? He'd tell ya, right?"

"I should, but he probably won't. He refuses to talk about his neck and about when he was gone."

Mathias shrugged. "It doesn't matter that much, right? As long as he's not getting into any trouble."

"It matters to me. I don't want him to go off without telling me, I don't want his grades to drop, and I don't want some bushy-browed horny kid to take advantage of my little brother's body." Lukas was getting a bit furious now.

"H-Hey calm down. We're supposed to have fun! You don't need to worry about it right now." Mathias lifted his hands and nervously waved them as he tried to calm Lukas down.

Lukas paused and took a deep breath. "You're right. Sorry. Anyways, I'm surprised with how many options there are," Lukas stated as he glanced at all the food items.

Mathias smiled. "Yeah, I wanted to make sure I had enough, and that I had stuff you liked." Mathias opened one container and in it was--- danish apple pork?

"What? Didn't you have that the other day?" Lukas questioned.

"Mhm. But I can't get enough of it. It's my favorite food." He took a fork, scooped some of the food up on it, and held it close to Lukas mouth. "Open up!"

Lukas rolled his eyes, thinking he could've gotten his own fork instead, but opened his mouth as Mathias carefully placed the fork inside.

As Lukas chewed, his eyes widened as what he tasted was surprisingly better than the danish apple pork at the restaurant. "This is pretty good.. Did you make all this yourself?"

"I'm glad ya like it! And yup. I have some experience cooking-- well I guess mostly baking-- at the coffee shop."

Lukas nodded, now feeling even worse that he brought something as basic as mac 'n cheese when Mathias brought these delicious foreign foods.

Throughout the date, they talked about things such as weirdos at work, what they do at home, silly stories from the past, and other random things to tell. They lied down on the blanket for hours just talking and feeding each other. When Lukas had food on his face, Mathias wiped it off with his thumb and licked it, causing Lukas to become flustered and scold him lightly.

At 9:34 PM, Lukas sat up and checked the time. "Shit.. It's already so late. I should probably getting home now."

"Wow, time flew by pretty fast. Here, you can run home to Emil and I'll clean this up."

"Are you sure? It's not a problem for me to-"

"It's fine, you can go. Thanks for coming today," Mathias interrupted as he placed a sweet three second kiss on Lukas' lips.

Lukas paused, and just gave a light nod as he quickly started heading towards his car, not wanting Mathias to notice his red face and how embarrassed he was. It was still pretty bright outside. The sky was glowing a yellowish-orange color, so Mathias would've definitely saw the blush across Lukas' cheeks.

Lukas didn't like being flustered like that around him. It made him feel awkward like he was some teenage girl who's too shy to talk to her crush.

But now, Lukas heart was racing more than ever. He loved the moment when their lips touched, and even if it was only for a few seconds, it was a gentle and cute encounter.

Lukas didn't have too much experience with romance. I mean he did have a few boyfriends in the past that he was kinda serious with, but he never felt about them the same way as Mathias. When Lukas was a teen, a kiss on the lips was nothing. Now it makes him go wild.

But Lukas also felt guilty. He felt guilty he was so concerned about Emil getting into anything romantic, but here he was doing the same thing.

Well, he tried to convince himself that it was different with Emil because he was only a young teen who could be being played. Plus he could be skipping classes at school to go off and "play arcade games" with Leon.

It made Lukas angry. He just tried to look forward to future dates with Mathias and calm himself down, and figure maybe it was just a bruise or something, and Emil knew better than to run off and get into trouble.

Oh who was he kidding. He knew this wouldn't be the end of Emil's troublemaking just yet.

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