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The car bumped and grinded against the road like a '90's R&B R. Kelly song. I furrowed my brows and deep wrinkles formed in my forehead as I held the necklace Violet had given me tightly. Last night, she was the only person that I couldn't contact that I desired to. She didn't answer her phone as usual and it didn't surprise me. It wasn't like she ever wanted anything to do with me in the first place. I just wanted to tell her that I was stepping out to make a change for an unselfish reason. Even if I did tell her that over the phone, she'd probably think I was joking and hang up. When I told Cullen, that's what he thought. He thought it was a big fat joke. He laughed for ages until he realized that I wasn't laughing myself. That's when things got more serious. He came over, we smoked a joint and he helped me pack. We said our goodbyes and that was that. Nothing too sentimental, but it still meant a lot.

I twirled the circular, mountain pendant between my fingers nervously as I had second thoughts. We were driving in a neighborhood that didn't seem to be for my kind. As soon as my parents drove into the community, everything felt off. I wasn't blessed enough to grow up in a wealthy household. My parents had normal jobs just like everyone else. We didn't struggle but we also didn't live perfectly. There were times where my mother would have to reach out to her friends or the church to help to pay a bill or that my father would have to work long hours to get some extra money in, but we continued to make it. I guess, I wasn't much of a help. I had no job and basically fended for myself by stealing or f-cking the rich girls at school to get what I wanted.

The car came to a halt and I looked up from the pendant and out of the window. Here we were on what seemed like a private estate. We were parked in an arched driveway that had a red Porsche and a white passenger van already stationary. The house we were parked in front of was white and pretty damn big. There was a nice, little garden out front. Birds flew around the bird feeders anxiously. There were a plenty of trees, grass and greenery. At the very back of the house, I could spot a nice-sized lake. The scenery was beautiful and prestigious. What the f-ck was I doing here?! This was way too good to be f-cking true! I bet this place belonged to some wicked witch or the leader of Illuminati.

"Get out, kid." My father opened up my door and I looked at him with sympathetic eyes. "Too late to change your mind," he said before I could plead my case. I mumbled curse words from my mouth and got my ass out of the car. My mother stayed in the car as I grabbed all of my luggage from the back. It looked like my mother or father could lend a hand. My father just watched and my mother literally just sat in the driver's seat.

Since I didn't know how long I was going to be staying at the place, I had brought nearly my whole room! I had my most prized possessions with me. My drum set, my beat machine, my laptop and my favorite bongs were all on me right now! I took out each bag and walked over to set them on the front porch. It'd take me several trips to get all of the sh-t in.

"Well, I guess this is where we say goodbye for a while. We'll come to visit and check up on you, kid," my father told me. He kissed my forehead and I groaned. I wiped away the wetness from my forehead and looked towards my mother. She was sitting in the driver's seat, obviously crying. "It's hard on her. She'll say her goodbye another time, okay? We better hit the road."

"Yeah, whatever, Pops." He sighed before giving me a soft smile. I watched as he got back into the passenger's seat. My parents drove off as if it was nothing. I watched them until they were out of view before turning towards the white bricked stairs of the front porch. There was no going back now.

I knocked on the door and then stepped back. I expected someone to answer it in less than a f-cking minute, but no one did. In impatience, I knocked on the door twice as hard and gave it a nice kick. But once again, either no one was home or everyone was dead. I turned around and looked down at all of my bags. I still had my phone so I could call up my parents and tell them no one was home or I could just sit down on the stairs and wait for someone to come home. Rolling my eyes, I decided to give the door one last try. I lifted up my fist and began to knock on the door, but before I could the door opened. I jumped back a little and so did the lady in her baby blue dress.

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