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Chapter 1:

Chapter 1:


Anna’s POV:


My principle sat in front of me counting to ten, and pinching the bridge of his nose, trying to stay calm. I just say there picking at my nails, trying not to laugh at this whole situation. It’s really hard not to when the principle’s head is redder than a cherry blowpop.


“Miss Williams.” He started.


“Yes, Mr. Anderson?” I spoke like that dude from the matrix. I’m always poking fun at his last name. He counted to ten again slowly,


“Care to explain…why, there IS A COW ON THE SECOND FLOOR?!” He boomed. Huh, I guess counting doesn’t work after all. I gave him an innocent look,


“Why sir! I’m appalled to think that you think I had anything to do with that prank!” I said in false shock, and might I add…it was an awesome prank! He looked like he was going to have an aneurism, ha!


“There’s a sign on each side, saying: Anna Rules!!!!” He yelled. I couldn’t stop the slight chuckle that escaped. He looked ready to kill,


“Aw! C’mon, Mr. A! It was funny and you know it! Besides your lucky I decided against using an actual bull…so your welcome.” I shrug.


“GET OUT!” He screamed. I stood up and saluted him,


“Yes sir! How long this time Cherry?” I asked him. Hmmm, I like calling him that, because it seems, any time I’m near him his head turns that color.


“2 weeks.” He spit out. I smiled at him widely, and sauntered out, but not before turning around and saying,


“You might want to give that poor cow some hay.” He looked ready to strangle me, so I booked it out of there laughing. I saw Mrs. Hendroson on my way out. She was the secretary of the office. She chuckled at me,


“A cow Anna? Really?” She laughed, but kept it quiet as to not disturb the bear in his office. She was one of my favorite faculty here. She was in her late 50’s and had a round face, but still as feisty as they come.


“Well, ya! I couldn’t get a hold of an elephant on such a short notice.” I shrug. I grab my side bag from the chair, and head out with a new kick in my step. I wanted to kill some time before 6th period was over so I can see my best friends Danny, who was my gay go to guy friend, and Missy who was shy, but was good for a lookout, and gave amazing talks.

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