Chapter 10:


I dropped the envelope on the counter like it had burned me; letting it’s contents spill from my fingers and end up  all over the floor. It’s been a week, a whole week and now…?  I must’ve dialed Greg Parker, because I heard his voice over my phone.

“Yeah, Rian.”

“………..” I couldn’t bring myself to say anything.

“Rian?” I could hear his voice taking on a tinge of worry.

“Sarge…?” My voice was weak

“Rian are you okay?”

“I... It was him.. I.”

My brain knew exactly what I wanted to say, but my mouth couldn’t form the words.

I could hear other voices in the background, he must still be at the hospital.

“Rian?” Spike’s voice echoed over my cell phone, tired and worry clouding it


I leaned against the fridge for support, until my legs gave out and I slowly slid down it so I was sitting on the floor.

“What wrong” He asked.

“H-H-He shot you.” My voice was incredulous.

“Who did babe?” His voice was shocked.


“Sarge, can you… there…. all right?” Spike’s words flitted in and out, but I couldn’t concentrate on the words.

I pulled my legs up against my chest and rested my chin on my knees, just staring at the photographs, which were spread on the floor in front of me.


Spike looked up at me.

“Sarge, can you go check on her? Please? Just go there and make sure she’s all right?” His eye’s were starting to droop again, as the morphine took effect

“Sure. I can do that. You two just stay here.”

“Don’t worry Sarge. I’ll keep an eye on him until shift.” Sam said, taking a seat in the armchair next to Spike’s bed.

“Can you do me a favor though Sam? Can you call Jules and send her to Rian’s house?”

“Sure.” He said, pulling out his cell phone.

Ed called me while I was driving to Rian’s house.

“Hey boss. I just got word from HQ, they’re putting us on leave for a few days, so they have time to investigate.”


“Oh, and they wanted me to pass on a message. They said that as soon as Team One is back on shift, you are expected to interview temporary replacements for Spike’s position.”

“Damn it.” I muttered, running a hand over my eyes as I came to a stop at a red light a few blocks from Spike and Rian’s house. “Yeah, ok. Are you going back to the hospital?”

“Yeah, I’m going to go back later. Right now, I’m going to get some rest.”

“Ok Ed. See you later.” I hung up just as the light turned green.

I pulled up in front of Rian’s house, and walking through the front door, found her in the kitchen. She was sitting on the ground, surrounded by photographs, her knees drawn up to her chest, an empty look on her face. One I had seen before; shock.

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