Answers To Your Questions

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Reader: Why are you always an ass?

Justin: It's not being an ass, it's called being dominant, try it sometime.

Reader: Why are you so damn hot? Do you love me? Ass or tits?

Justin: Because I am, darling. I love you if you love me. Why not both?

Reader: How will you get Brooke back when you get out? Do you think she'll fall in love with Harry?

Justin: Brooke will be waiting, and hell fucking no.

Reader: Can you escape that hell hole because you and Brooke are like the cutest!

Justin: I agree.

Reader: Get your shit together, why the fuck did you leave the notes with your name?

Justin: Watch your mouth, it was a habit and quite fun to do.

Reader: Do you think you are swearing a little bit too much?

Justin: Fuck off.

Reader: Kill that bitch Scotch or whatever his worthless name was

Justin: Already planning on it baby.

Reader: Are you going to marry Brooke?

Justin: That is for me to know and you to find out, nosey fucker.

Reader: Why was Tyler smiling?

Justin: Who knows what goes through that boy's head.

Reader: Are you going to escape from the hospital.

Justin: *laughs*

Reader: Fuck me?

Justin: As tempting as it sounds, not sure Brooke would be too happy.

Reader: How do you plan on escaping that hell hole?

Justin: I have many tricks up my sleeve, babe.

Reader: Can you adopt me?

Justin: I don't like children.

Reader: To be honest I thought you would kill more than 1098 people..

Justin: Me too, their number is an estimate, no doubt it's wrong. But hush, it's a secret.

Reader: Be my baby daddy?

Justin: Hell no.

Reader: Get your ass out of that institution and go to Brooke.

Justin: This isn't even a question, this is a horrible interview, when can I leave?

Reader: When are you going to make some cute ass babies with Brooke?

Justin: Are these people blind? Children are horrible, with their sticky hands and snotty noses, no thanks.

Reader: Are you planning to escape?

Justin: As much as I would love to break out, the cops would forever be on my case. At least if I stay in the institution I'd be free from the police... for now anyways.

Reader: When are you going to do the naughty with Brooke?

Justin: God, soon as possible, I hope. Can you imagine her sweaty, sexy body underneath mine, screaming my name? Fuck, can I have a bathroom break?

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