"Halla, you're going to be late. Wake up already!" I hear Minju Unnie yelling.

I get out of bed and saw Minju on my bed. She looked tired, but still energetic. How does she do that? I mean I am not a morning person. I got up and got ready, and when I went to dress myself, I remembered that Jane and I got transferred to a new school. Which meant new uniform.

I came out and saw them all at the table. I sat down and joined them.

"Awe! Halla, you look so cute." Yuna tells me.

"Thank you." I say.

"You too, Jane." Yuna adds.

We all started to eat, but I had to hurry if I didn't want to be late .

"So... you guys ready?" Yujin asked Jane and I.

I looked at Jane and she looked at me.

"Yeah!" I blurt out first.

"Hmmm." Jane said with a mouth full of delicious breakfast.

"You better go if you don't wanna be late." Minju reminds us.

I took a few more quick bites, and then Jane and I were walking out the door.

"What time does the school start?" I ask Jane.

"Ummm... I think it's starts at 8:30."

"What time is it now?"


"Do you think we'll make it?"

"I don't know."


8:30 in school office ~

We sat down on office seats, waiting for our homeroom teachers. Jane is a year younger than me, so it's her second year in high school. As for me, I'm in my third and last year. Jane's teacher had come and she followed him to the classroom. I waved bye to her and she did the same. I sat there waiting, and finally, mine came in.

"You're Lee Suji ,"she says.

"Yes." I say bowing.

"Okay, follow me."

I followed her down the hallway and after what felt like an hour, I finally entered 2-B. The teacher introduced me as the new student and then I finished the rest of the introduction myself. She told me to sit down and pointed next to the kid sitting alone by the window. I walked over to my seat while taking a quick peek at his name tag.

Jeon Jung Guk

A light bulb clicked on in my head... Aww! It's Jungkook from BTS. We did a dance cover of one of their songs. He looked up at me and I waved. He looked back down and just kept studying. ...Okay then 0_0 ... I sat beside him and got my stuff out. The thing is, I'm new and of course I don't know what we were studying. So I spent my time in Study Hall, clueless.

40 minutes later ~

The bell rang and we had a 10 minute break. I sat there quietly, watching as the other kids talked to one another. Aigoo... why did we have to transfer schools?

To waste time, I got my phone out and put an earbud in, and my music began playing. As I looked around, I saw someone standing by the door. It was Jane! I took out my earbuds and fast walked over to Jane, leaving my phone at my desk.

Jungkook's P.O.V ~

I walked over to my desk and grabbed my phone.

"Hey, Jungkook! Come here." One of my friends called me over.

I set my phone down on my table and got up for a second, just to see where his voice was coming from. When I found him, I looked back, only to see that my phone was on that one girl's table...? I picked it up and put it in my pocket while walking back over to my friend.

Halla's P.O.V. ~

"Hey Jane!" I greeted as we walked into the hallway.

"I saw Jungkook from BTS in there!"

"Oh... Yea, I sit next to him."

"Oh, cool."

"What class are you in?"

"3-A over in the other hall. I was just exploring when I found your class."

"Nice... Jane, I was so clueless in Study Hall." I confess.

"You're not alone. I was too."

I hugged her and we started to laugh.

"I better go now. See ya!" Jane tells me.

"Bye." I wave to her.

I walk back to my class and sit down. I saw that my phone wasn't on my desk, so I looked around and saw it on Jungkook's...? I grabbed it and put it in my bag.

The bell rang and everyone sat down for class to begin again. Jungkook sat down and started looking through his phone. His phone was exactly the same as mine! The homeroom teacher came in and class started.


After class ~

I walked out of class, trying to find my way to Jane's class. I saw her and she walked over to me. We started our journey back home when I got a sudden call.

I looked at the screen and it said "V" but... I don't have a contact under V?

Me ~ Um, hello?
V ~ Jungkook, we're put front.
Me~ Jungkook? Um, who is this?
V ~ Eh!? Who are y-


"Who was that?" Jane asked.

"Um, Jane? I don't think this is my phone." I hesitantly said, looking at the home screen. I turned the phone to show Jane.

"Wait, if you have his phone... then that means..."

"He has mine."


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