I dedicated this chapter to lilly rain because she is my inspiration and i look up to her alot, and i wish one day my stories end up like hers:)

I was thinking about not writing but evreybody told me not to so im not i really love this chapter, its so funny

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Holly was reading a book, believe it or no another Shakespeare book, note the sarcasm, I was on facebook on my laptop.

“I'm bored” I said to holly.

She just ignored me, I got the book and chucked it at her head. That caught her attention,

“what the hell was that for?!” she said, nursing the now growing bruise on her head.

I shrugged “I Face booked you” I said and smirked “get it? I face……..booked you” I began laughing at my own joke and sighed “oh I crack my self up”

She just gave me hard look “ha-ha very funny, you should be a comedian” she said sarcastically.

“Really because I was thinking of being a toilet cleaner, but now that you’ve graced me with such a good idea, maybe I will” I said grinning.

She just ignored me, and I began probing through face book more “Why does Face book even; give me the option to ‘Like’ my own status. Of course I like my status, I'm fucking hilarious.” I said trying to annoy holly. She hates it when i steal jokes from the internet, and try to make them my own so i do it quite allot to piss her off.

“what time is it?” she said glancing at the clock  and then saying a line of profanities id rather not share “Matt’s coming over” she said getting up and cleaning my room.

“Holly is Matt’s friend Brent a wolf and does he know I'm a wolf?” I asked holly

“yeah, all the ones we saw in the shop are, Brent’s the alpha of the states pack though” she said.

Ohh alpha that’s sexy, I like a alpha, they can tell people what to do and people have no choice but to listen, I can imagine Brent telling me what to do, I like that thought, I would do it with no worry.

“oh lighten up, he’s not going to come in my room now is he?” I exclaimed, ignoring her behind me putting my empty beer bottles in the bin.

“shut up, why do you drink so much?! If you didn’t I wouldn’t have to clean this mess,” she whispered.

I just grunted in response. I like to drink what can I say? She just ignored my response…..well it wasn’t much of a response if you call a grunt a response then it was a response.

Hour later, I got changed into denim shorts and a tank top and some converses and I think Holly was in the front room he was here, she spent forever in the kitchen cooking for him. I just sat on my ass and was on facebook, twitter, and other useless things. I was looking and I saw a picture of lady gaga and she looked……..different.

“I think Lady GaGa just puts glue on herself and rolls around in random items.” I shouted to holly, she just giggled and it wasn’t at my joke, I frowned “you need to learn to start to appreciate the hilarious friend you have been blessed with before I'm gone holls” I said completely annoyed that she wasn’t replying to me.

I heard the door open, Holly like fish in a bait,

“sorry holls but you don’t deserve to talk to me I'm to funny and people who appreciate it are only allowed to talk to me” I said trying to hide my smile. Not looking at her all my attention on my laptop.

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