Finding Our Way Out of the Dark

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Gizelle finally came to a stop. When I caught up with her, I expected to see Ben's silhouette. Instead, I saw the young Kirlia bend down and study something with disappointment. It was a rock. Why would that have garnered her attention? She handed it over to me with a defeated look on her face.

I looked the stone over. It was a light turquoise with a light center that branched off into little veins of white. I could feel a rush of energy just from holding it in my hand. I deduced that this was a dawn stone. Judging by all of that, I figured that the energy emanating off of the stone was what Gizelle found. I stuck the stone in my backpack for later. If nothing else, it was a cool souvenir.

She didn't look happy with her findings at all. I could see why because I was equally disappointed that I couldn't find Ben. My Styler beeped.

"Voicemail! Voicemail!" My Styler rang out. Ben was contacting me! "Summer? Are you there?"

I ran a hand through my short hair. "Yep, I'm here. Are you okay?"

"Yeah, just a little disoriented. They should really put a warning sign up about the ruins breaking apart or something." His voice grew louder with agitation. "What the hell were they thinking?! What if we were tourists instead of Rangers? We would've been crushed!"

Me and Ben are so alike. We even have the same thoughts on certain things.

"I know!" I groaned in agreement. "I was just saying that!"

"Anyways, where are you? I can't find a way out of this stupid area."

"I went down a stairwell I didn't even know existed."

"You've been here before, at least. You have some idea of where you are, or where you're going."

Aw, he had faith in me. Even though he was so wrong.

"I didn't see any Pokemon in the room that collapsed, so that means we don't have to worry about anymore Pokemon getting hurt. Gizelle seems to be okay, aside from a few cuts that can be easily treated." I started explaining. "I think that if I can find a Pokemon that can dig through all of the rocks, or help us clear the rubble, then we should be golden."

"Good plan," Ben complimented. "But you said 'Gizelle'?"

I flushed even though I know he couldn't see me. Naming Pokemon was a bad habit of mine. Even if I knew they were a temporary member of my team. I try not to do that too often, but it's really hard not to. Ben rarely named his Pokemon. His Partner Pokemon, Staraptor was named Staraptor, after all.

"You named that other Kirlia, didn't you?" Ben said, a grin clearly evident in his voice. Was he seriously teasing me at a moment like that?

"So what if I did?"

He laughed. "Don't get so defensive. I think Gale would agree with the name you chose for his friend."

"Gale? You named the Kirlia you had with you?" I said, incredulously.

I could almost feel his embarrassment through the Styler. "What? You name Pokemon all the time! Besides, the little guy just struck me as a 'Gale'."

"He's joining your team, isn't he?"

"What? No, I don't get large teams of partner Pokemon. Staraptor is my only Partner Pokemon. End of story." He was silent for a few seconds. "Don't you give me those eyes, Gale."

I stifled a laugh, knowing that Ben would go off on a tangent if he heard my laughter. I knew that Gale was going to be joining our team. I wasn't sure about Gizelle, though. Jet and Eve might feel betrayed and replaced if I brought back a new addition to the team. My thoughts always circled back to the Pokemon that I wish I could help desperately. It's not like I could heal or anything. If I could, I wouldn't still be bruised, burnt, and scratched up. Nope, I could only talk to Pokemon.

That in itself is unsettling.

"Hey, Ben, do you want me to keep talking to you until we meet up again, or do you want to do your own thing?"

"Stay on with me. I feel better when I have someone to talk to. Other than Gale, I mean."

I smiled. "Okay, then. Are you still in the collapsed room?"

"No, the stairs on my side were still alright so I'm upstairs. It looks like the floor caved in up here so I can't just jump across the floor. There are some little ledges from where part of the floor didn't fall."

"Maybe you can!" I exclaimed. "Hug a wall and try to get to the other side by keeping your feet on the edge of the areas that are still intact!"

"I'll try. If I fall, then I'm blaming you. I might even make you carry me back to Rand and Leanne's house." He half-joked.

"Okay, okay. But look for a Sandslash or something to help us get out of here. I hate the dark and I want out of here now!" I groaned. "I'm gonna look around this floor a little and see if I can find any Pokemon that can help."

"Good thinking."

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