i screamed, "TURN THE VIDEO OFF TERRY! I DON'T WANT TO SEE THIS!" i screamed.

selena had her head hung low.

she looked as if she was trying to block out everything going on.

sam pov

demi and miley were with the kids and i was pacing back and forth in my mom's guest bedroom.

"how do we find them sam?" ezra croaked out.

i sighed, "i don't know! all of terry's fucking shit is gone from her room! mom was right! she was trying to get me addicted again and took the people who mean the most to me..." i said as tears filled my eyes.

"have you checked everything in her old room?"

i looked at him, "no. i was too busy thinking about whether the love of my life and my mother is even alive or not!" i shouted at him.

he sighed, "sam. i'm not the enemy here."

i brushed my hand through my hair, "i'm sorry. you're totally right. Let's go back into terry's room then." I said and left the room.

We walked into the room and my nostrils filled with the stenchof alcohol.

"I'll check over here. sam check under the bed." ezra said.

I nodded and looked around.

I looked under the bed...nothing.

"Hey ez find anything yet?" I asked desperately.

"Nope. Great. A dead end." He said and groaned.

I grunted in anger and started to leave the room when i felt a floor tile slide.

I stopped dead in my tracks.

I looked at ezra who definitely heard it too because he went over to the floor.

"I think this tile is loose." he said.

I bent down and pried the tile up.

There was a bunch of computers lodged in the small area.

We took them out and plugged them in, placing them on a table in the room.

We searched through them.

"There's nothing on here. Just random shit." I said after about an hour of looking.

Demi came into the room, "have you found anything? At all?" She asked.

Miley came in as well, a worried look painted upon their faces.

"no. just random crap." i said and sighed.

"wait. check this out." ezra said.

i looked at the screen.

"a receipt for brass knuckles." he said slowly.

i gulped, "she-she got brass knuckles?" i said.

i looked at everyone and they looked terrified.

"we need to find her. let me see if i can track down where she got this." i said and ezra stepped aside.

i browsed the receipt on the screen.

"it's a store called guns&ammo." i said.

"subtle." ezra said sarcastically.

i scoffed and chuckled.

"it's at 142 birch lane, trinity california." i said.

"that town is scary. i've been there before. my tour bus broke down there. sketchy as hell." miley said.

i sighed, "well. ezra get your coat. we're going on a road trip." i said and stood up.

"guys be careful. please. taylor and selena would never forgive us if you two got hurt." they said.

i smiled, "thanks guys. if anything happens with the kids just call." i said.

"we will. good luck." they said.

we walked downstairs, "wait." i opened a cabinet and pried the back of it off, revealing a hidden pistol. 

i grabbed it.

ezra looked at me weirdly, "just in case." 

he chuckled and nodded, handing me my favorite leather jacket and we left.

i'm coming mom and sel. hang in there.

selena pov

sam please hurry.

i am freezing, and scared and it's so dark in here.

"taylor. are you asleep?" i asked quietly.

"no. you?" she said.

"if i was would i be talking?" i said.

she chuckled, "right. sorry."

"how are you feeling?" i asked.

"like crap. how's your arm?" she said.

i looked down at the now dry blood, "in pain."

"i know. sam will come. i know it. just hang in there sel. don't give up." she encouraged.

i sighed, "i'll try..."

tears dripped from my eyes, burning my cheeks.

sam please hurry.


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