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"Y/NNNN!" Justin whined in my ear as I was opening my locker. "What nigga?" I said grabbing my phone.

Yes I keep my phone in my locker. "Wanna make a together?" He said smiling widely.

I looked at him weirdly. "Nigga you did all that bullshit whining, just to ask me if I wanted to make a with you?" I said.

He nodded grinning like an idiot. "No." I said closing my locker and walking away.

"Please Y/N! You can pick the song." He said pouting. Ugh he goes with that adorable pout. It made me pout.

"Fine. I'll be at your house later on." I said. He clapped like a seal. "Ew." I said walking to the exit.

When I got to my house I went upstairs and changed into some joggers and a tank top.

"Where you going?" My mom asked when I was getting an apple. "With Justin." I said.

She did that weird mouth thing where it looks they know you're lying about something or they just don't believe you.

"His white ass. Okay bye." She said mumbling the first part. Now my mama isn't racist it's just, Justin acts kinda strange around my mother.

"Bye mama!" I said walking out the door. I got into my car and drove to Justin's house. He lives like 5 streets over.

I usually run through the driveways of peoples house when I'm sad and need my best friend.

I pulled into his driveway and exited my car. I went to his porch and walked in. "Hello family." I said when Pattie walked by.

She's like a second mom to me. "Hey baby. You staying for dinner?" She asked me smiling. I nodded. "Because my mom isn't cooking tonight." I pouted.

She smiled and walked back into the kitchen. "Food will be ready in an hour." She yelled back. I smiled and walked upstairs.

"Yooo Jer Jer!" I said when I seen Justin's dad Jeramy. "What's up Y/N?" He said. "Finna beat yo child." I said.

"Make sure you're not to loud." He said laughing as he walked downstairs. I smiled and walked into Justin's room.

He jumped up. I flinched backwards and looked at him strangely. "Nigga what the fuck wrong with you?" I said walking in.

He jumped up from the bed and ran to hug me. "Oh god I'm so thankful to have you!" He said hugging me.

I hugged back shortly. Then I pushed him off of me. "What's wrong?" I said. "That nigga on that movie killed her best friend because she found out she was sleeping with her dad." He said.

"You're such a vagina Justin." I said jumping in his bed. "What ever let's make this!" He said pulling out his phone.

I shook my head and rolled my eyes. "We're gonna do R.I.C.O by Drake and Meek Mill." I said. "I was hoping you would pick that!" He said smiling. "You're such a fuckboy!" I said falling back on the pillow.

"Im on probation to let me not talk what's illegal. Switch it up." Justin rapped. "Here your turn." He said handing my the phone.

"Today I woke up with my dream girl, she rich as a Beatle." I said. Then it stopped. "Omg yes!" He cheered. "You're to excited about this shit Justin." I said.

"Yeah because I wanna be cyber famous like baby Ariel!" He whined. "Justin you have 127k followers on Instagram. How much famous you wanna be?" I said. He nodded and smiled.

"I do don't i?" He said looking at the ceiling. I just shook my head. "Dinners ready!" Pattie yelled.

I jumped off the bed and ran downstairs. "Fooooood!" I said as I ran. Everyone started laughing.

You guys ima make a class pt 2. I might not be updating a lot bc school starts back after this week 😭 but I will try my best babes. Love you guys. Vote and comment!

-ya homie Talynn 💍🔐

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