Tess lay in bed beside Brent staring up at the ceiling. She couldn't believe what had just happened... she had slept with Brent after so long... and the sparks were still there. When they had had sex - no, when they had just made love, the world felt whole again. Tess was struggling to cope with her feelings on the inside. She loved Michael with all her heart but.... Brent was Brent, and he always would be. He had betrayed her, and yet she still loved him. She would never forgive him or trust him again and yet in this particular moment she was truthful to herself - if he asked she would have him back in an instant. 

Brent lay beside Tess wondering what the hell he had just done. He had been hurt by Tess's words so he had shut her up in the only way he knew how... and now... he was remembering why he loved her in the first place, and it was killing him. He was married to Louella... hell she had just had his kids and yet... He wanted Tess back more than anything. Was it possible for him to love two women at once? In that moment, he had let his penis decide what he wanted.... and now he was more confused than ever. 


Michael picked up his brother and George from the edge of the highway about an hour away. The guys had been forced to dump the car and burn it out in case the owner of the dog had seen them running from the scene... George was kicking himself for being so distracted to not have checked the area first. He and Kenneth had ignored all of the precautions they used to take when disposing of a body. It was dark out, ergo George had just taken up the assumption that no one would be out. He was amazingly angry at himself in that moment. 

Kenneth was shaking on the inside... that had been too close, TOO CLOSE. If they had been caught then he would definitely gone to prison and he couldn't handle that. Prison was a dark and dim place and it was his one fear. He had been there once, many years ago, and he never ever wanted to go back. If he thought he could get away with it, he would have killed George for almost getting them caught, but he couldn't blame what was his fault on his friend. It may have been a while since they had been in contact but Kenneth knew that George was one of those friends you could rely on to always have your back and keep even your darkest secrets. 

Michael tapped the steering wheel as he drove back towards George's house. He was beyond furious at the situation but he knew that he couldn't explode... not now anyway. Michael had and always would be the level headed one of the gang... well.... in everything except where it was concerned with Tess. She was the love of his life, and yes, he wanted kids so badly, but he would give it all up to be in her arms and her heart. 


Louella and Louis had arrived at the hospital in ten minutes flat, Louella had been rushed to the maternity ward and the babies had been taken and weighed and checked over. The doctors came back with them half an hour later to tell them that the babies were doing fine to be offered congratulations. Louella looked up from the boys in her rams and grinned at Louis. He grinned back and felt a tear trickle down his cheek. He was bursting with happiness, and he could tell Louella was too.

Louella looked back down at her boys with tears of her own in her eyes. They were everything to her now... and now she had had them she realised that she couldn't separate them from their daddy. She looked back up at Louis and said the words that would change her life forever.

"Louis.... I Love You. Marry me?"


Tess jumped out of bed and started to shove her clothes on. She knew that the twins would be looking for her and needed to find them and give them some food, as well as control them. She bet they were running riot in the house right now, and she had to clear up before George returned. She felt tears come to her eyes too to her horror. She knew that she shouldn't have slept with Brent but she hadn't been able to stop herself. No matter how he had hurt her, she would always go back to him. Brent watched her from the bed feeling numb. He knew he had to make a choice, but could he risk everything to make that choice. He had to choose between his children and he was finding it amazingly hard.