Chapter 8

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Okay, so this chapter has no potentially disturbing features. Just saying XD Although, I ended up incorporating some of my maths revision lol; I have two math exams next week :(


Emily, Vicki and I had arrived later into school.

We stayed up until four that morning, having a scream marathon. We ended up watching the first three and half of the fourth before we were all asleep.

The night had taken my mind off things, but I did feel incredibly guilty about lying to them.

They had been giving me advice all night, about something that was completely irrelevant and untrue.

As I said, we were late, and had maths first. We walked into the classroom half an hour into the lesson and our teacher was not happy.

We received many stares and weird looks as we took our seats and reached into our bags for our equipment.

“Okay, Miss Sutherland!” the teacher shouted. I actually had no idea who she was because this was our first maths lesson of the year.

But obviously, she knew me. Everyone in the school knew me after the prank we had pulled at the end of last year.

“Since you have missed the lesson, perhaps you can tell me what X is equal to?” I hated algebra.

I studied the board for a little while, and then answered cautiously. I actually had no idea.

“Erm…does it equal three?” I bluffed. But, she smiled so I began to believe that I was right.

“Yes, and how is that so?” she questioned. Clearly believing that I had been told the answer by someone around me.

“Well, because the equation is 2x+6 = 12, and so you would subtract six from twelve and divide the answer by two?”

She smiled and nodded, before writing it down on the board.

I sighed, rolled my eyes and looked over to Vicki and Emily. They both had their hair down, and I knew that they were listening to music.

I wish I had done that, but after last year, my iPod had been confiscated.

I did however, have my cell phone. So, I checked the time. I did that a lot.

There was only five minutes until the end of the lesson, thankfully. I hated math. But then, I remembered that I had English next, which meant an hour with Mr Sanders.

I hadn’t turned up to our little meeting this morning, because I was late and so he would probably demand another private conversation.

I also needed to hide the cuts on my wrists – I didn’t know for how long I would be able to conceal them. I hadn’t even thought about what I was going to do for gym class – we weren’t allowed to wear hoodies and so I’d probably have to skip it.

I must’ve been deep in my own thoughts for a while, because the bell soon went to signify next lesson. I sighed and pulled my sleeves down to hide the marks. I had been doing that all night, and I think that Vicki and Emily were beginning to notice.

I mentally kicked my brain as I stood up to walk alongside them.

“You okay?” Emily whispered. I soon nodded. I didn’t want them to suspect anything.

We walked out and into the corridor. “I really don’t feel like going to English” I groaned. “He’ll demand to know why I’m late and will want to speak to me privately. I just can’t be bothered with him. I actually feel emotionally drained.”

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