New Students (And More To Come?)

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"I can't believe school is something you have to do everyday," Thor said.
"What do you do on Asgard?" Bruce asked.
"We only go to school when we want to go," Loki said.
"That's weird," Tony said as they entered the building. The first thing they saw was a boy and a girl standing in the office. The Avengers stopped as they walked out.
"Hi, I'm Aurora," the girl said, holding out her hand. She had white hair and dark skin. "But I go by Storm."
"Nice to meet you Storm," Steve said, shaking her hand.
"This is Peter Parker," Storm said. Peter didn't do anything. He shifted his skateboard from one hand to the other. 
"Hi," he said finally.
"Hi," Tony said. "Nice skateboard."
"Thanks. It's the newest one." As they launched into a discussion about different types of boards, Steve turned to Storm.
"So, are you guys new students?"
"Yeah. Peter and I both transferred from the same school after an..... accident."
"What happened?" Natasha asked.
"Well, the school exploded. The superintendent immediately started weeding through the students, finding the ones with powers and kicking them out. We know of a set of twins that are probably going to be on their way to this school pretty soon."
"Well, I'm sorry that happened," Thor said. Storm smiled at him.
"It's fine. I'm glad we are changing schools. That last one was a nightmare. So, what are your names?"
"I'm Thor," Thor said. "And this my brother Loki."
"I'm Natasha and this is Steve," Natasha said, threading her arm through Steve's, making him smile.
"I'm Clint," Clint said.
"I'm Bruce," Bruce said, almost silently.
"It's very nice to meet you all," Storm said, politely.
"Where are you headed first?" Thor asked.
"This kid's heading with me," Tony said, scuffling Peter's hair. They turned and went down the hall together, Peter riding his skateboard and Tony walking beside him. Clint looked at Storm's class list and said,
"You've got class with me." Storm nodded and everyone headed off to their respective class.
Tony and Peter walked into the class, somehow late. Peter was holding his board in his arm when a guy tripped him, causing him to drop his board.
"Hey pansy," he said, grabbing the board. "Nice board. Too nice actually for a punk like you." He went to snap it but Tony ripped it out of his hands.
"Leave him alone Gagnon," Tony said.
"What are you going to do about it?" Gagnon asked, leaning over Tony.
"Gagnon, could you please sit down," the teacher asked. Gagnon glared at Tony and sat down.
"This isn't over," he hissed. Tony helped Peter up.
"Thanks," Peter said.
"You ok?"
"Yeah." They went and sat in the back of the classroom.
"So, does anyone want to come up to the board and answer a few of these questions?" Mr. Morin asked.
"Yes," Storm said. She stood from her seat next to Clint and walked up. She answered all the questions in record time.
"That is correct. Did you learn this at your old school?" Mr. Morin asked.
"No," Storm said as she took her seat again. Clint stared at her.
"What?" Storm asked.
"No one in our school understands Mr. Morin's lessons."
"They're quite easy to understand," Storm said and launched into an explanation. Clint listened and when the class work was handed out, he finished it almost as fast as Storm.
"We'll see you guys tomorrow!" Storm called as she led Peter out the door to the buses. The Avengers and Loki waved goodbye.
"How was school?" Maria asked as everyone got in the car.
"Fine. We met Storm and Peter Parker."
"Oh, did you?" Maria asked. She pulled up her walkie talkie and said,
"Hill to Fury, we've got a problem."

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